In the current furniture market, laminate flooring is very diverse and rich with many different features. However, this is a difficulty when you do not know what to choose between so many famous brands of laminate flooring. Therefore, MOIVAONHATOI has analyzed for you the aesthetic characteristics, usability, and cost of each of the most popular laminate flooring models right now so that you can make the right comparison. Please read the article below to see the information that we have gathered.


Victoria laminate flooring is the leading brand of laminate flooring with a history of more than 100 years. Victoria brings the masterpieces of laminate flooring for users in Vietnam and around the world. Victorian laminate flooring has delicate wood grain and color, high stability with wood core made in Germany using modern keylock technology. In particular, Victoria laminate flooring is one of the few industrial laminate flooring brands achieving the highest health safety index today.

Victorian laminate flooring with high abrasion resistance and good scratch resistance should be the first choice of interior designers. Most of the large construction projects such as high-rise buildings, apartments, luxury villas use Victorian wooden floors.


Inovar laminate flooring is an industrial wooden floor manufactured in Malaysia with the most advanced technology available today. Inovar wood floor has hardwood core, super durable surface, good water resistance, very good resistance to shrinkage, termites, fire restriction, because the surface is designed as a grainy texture so during use is not afraid of slippery slip, scratches.

Currently, Inovar wood flooring is imported, distributed and widely sold in Vietnam, helping to enrich the Malaysian wood flooring in the market, helping customers to have more choices. 


Laminate flooring at EGGER is focused on design with hundreds of different color palettes and designs. The quality of the laminate floor is assessed to be extremely excellent with the ability: Resistance to scratches, impact, abrasion, fire and explosion and high pressure, no termites, warping due to the impact of time and the environment. In addition, completely non-reactive to common chemicals (alcohol, tobacco, coffee and mild detergents), easy to clean, environmentally friendly, safe for human health and hypoallergenic . Two main product lines that EGGER offers are laminate flooring and Cork laminate flooring.


Sensa laminate flooring is a brand of industrial laminate flooring with the product produced 100% in Germany. Sensa laminate flooring has natural beautiful colors with beautiful wood grain technology in a modern youthful style. Sensa laminate flooring has achieved international certification of safety standards for health and product quality is highly appreciated from many interior designers as well as wood flooring clients around the world.

Sensa genuine German laminate flooring has satisfied Vietnamese consumers when they need high quality wooden flooring, with health safety and European style. Sensa deserves to be a high-class industrial wooden floor for modern luxurious interior architecture.


Kosmos laminate floor is famous for being the best laminate flooring today with a variety of designs and its own outstanding features. In terms of quality standards, Kosmos laminate flooring also meets high standards like other Chinese laminate flooring, but according to the assessment of leading wood flooring companies, Kosmos wood flooring is somewhat better. more solidity and ensuring adequate supply to the market helps retail distributors feel more secure when advising customers to use Kosmos flooring.


Some people often confuse the brand SwissKrono and the brand KronoSwiss, but these are two laminate flooring firms produced in two different places. While KronoSwiss is produced directly in Switzerland SwissKrono wooden floor again manufactured in Poland according to Swiss standards. SwissKrono is also a subsidiary brand of Swiss Krono Group (a leading group in the wood industry in Switzerland in particular and Europe in general). Swiss products are considered to be environmentally friendly, the product is also diverse in design and design with more than 4 main styles, SwissKrono wooden floors from Poland both show an elegant yet elegant atmosphere. equally modern for your home.


KronoSwiss laminate flooring is a sample floor product originating from Switzerland, with 2 thicknesses of 8 cups and 12 cups, produced from 75% raw materials taken from Swiss forest wood. In which, there are 3 outstanding product lines: Swiss Noblesse, Swiss Authetic and Swiss Natural with various colors from light to bold in elegant style. There are prices ranging from nearly 400,000 VND / m2 - nearly 600,000 VND / m2. The most outstanding feature of this laminate flooring is high scratch resistance, high abrasion resistance AC4, good water resistance, according to experts, this laminate flooring can withstand 5 consecutive days of water immersion, Krono Swiss Flooring. Suitable for places with high travel density or public or commercial places.


Classen laminate flooring is a high-class industrial wood flooring imported from the Federal Republic of Germany, highly appreciated for its quality, established by the 3rd largest wood flooring supplier and producer in the world, CLASSEN GROUP. year 1963. 

The sophistication of Classen flooring is that even though it is an industrial wood floor, it gives users the feeling of a natural wood floor up to 95%, from the color to the grain of the wood, all designed in beautiful natural wood like Oak. Pine, Walnut, and Maple. Just touching Classen wood floor makes you sure you will be amazed by the delicate lines, prominent details on the characteristic wood that attracts all eyes. Besides, the advanced surface printing technology allows customers to create and highlight the space using Classen laminate flooring.


Balterio laminate flooring is manufactured in Belgium - A famous and traditional country for the oldest laminate flooring in the world with the richest models ever. Balterio laminate flooring was established in 2001 by the combination of the two largest groups in Belgium, Baltagroup and Spanogroup. While Baltagroup is the 2nd largest wood flooring producer in Europe and the 6th in the world, Spanogroup is the number 1 corporation in the world producing MDF, HDF, Fiberboard (the core layer of laminate flooring) and OSB. The combination between these two large corporations has created a perfect brand of laminate flooring in terms of quality, technology and financial potential. That is why Balterio laminate flooring was born after only 3 years, has become the leading brand of laminate flooring in the world with export markets to 55 countries and 97.5 total production volume.

Balterio laminate flooring has good quality, reasonable price and with a large sample warehouse to meet all the needs of customers. In addition, the high technical parameters are important factors for Balterio laminate flooring to dominate the worldwide market such as AC5 high wear resistance, the use of V-Groove copyright lock technology to help the structure. The wooden floor structure is firm and noise free. 3D wood grain creates realism and naturalness with the greatest richness of colors. Balterio Belgian Flooring is warranted for up to 33 years for home use and 10 years for public use.


Hornitex is one of the typical laminate flooring firms for the flooring line imported directly from Europe, namely Germany, is also a compatriot of the high-end laminate flooring company Egger. Unlike Egger line, right from the beginning of Hornitex laminate flooring has been oriented by parent company LaminatePark GmbH & Co.KG to be its exclusive brand of super water-resistant flooring. The warranty period of the floor is also warranted by the manufacturer up to 20 years, the product is environmentally friendly.

Unlike Egger series, Hornitex's products have 2 main product lines: 10mm and 12mm series. In addition, another point that makes Hornitex become a special product line in the eyes of users is the product that uses 5G key lock. The advantage of this keylock is that it saves up to 50% in installation time compared to today's popular keypads. This is also considered the most advanced keypad in the world today.

Above are some of the industrial wood flooring models that are most popular with consumers. Hopefully with the information we provide, you will find it easier to choose the wood flooring you like, and find suitable.

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