60 SAMPLE OUTDOOR CAFE CHAIRS, RESTAURANT, BARS… IRON ART would like to introduce 60 beautiful art iron flower tables and chairs with many suitable designs for the shop cafe outdoor, living room, dining room…. Help you decorate your interior space more luxurious, classy ... - specializes in designing and constructing villa apartments

These products are for customers of Company reference and put into design, NOT SALE 

Curved iron furniture with full colors:

Beautiful outdoor furniture template

Curved iron furniture with a variety of paint colors from black, brown, to emulsion gold, silver, a variety of design styles restaurant furniture, bar

The set of art iron cafe tables and chairs, with high chair legs:

Beautiful outdoor furniture template

All samples in the article, collected through the design process, are NOT sold

Tables and chairs with high legs and chairs, creating the luxury for the occupants, are often used in bars

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Simple wooden furniture sets, applicable to restaurants, pubs, bars, with wood, iron, stainless steel:

Beautiful outdoor furniture template

Model of carved wooden furniture with lower legs, combined with curling iron flowers to create the romance:

Beautiful outdoor furniture template

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The iron tables and chairs have sophisticated style and lines, applicable to classic restaurants and cafes:

art iron furniture

See this iron furniture model applied in Beautiful mini garden house in the middle of Hanoi

Sample iron art furniture with flat stainless steel back:

art iron furniture

Curved iron furniture samples add modern details, such as wheel legs, flat stainless steel back, create a novel style, suitable for restaurants with slightly modern interiors.

With a high-legged wooden chair, suitable for pubs and bars, helping the occupants have a high view point, and easily step out to the dance floor:

art iron furniture

It can be said that from the old classic furniture, people have designed and manufactured more new designs, although only using the same main material as iron, but is flexibly modified, or mixed with 1. a little different materials, creating a constant newness, creating a unique mark for each restaurant and cafe.

In addition to the crazy models outdoor chair In addition to iron material, there are also Wooden outdoor furniture It's also very pretty and fits Garden villas, resorts…

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