The corridor is an indispensable part of every house, it acts as a bridge connecting the different spaces of the house. Therefore, corridor decoration is an indispensable part to help the house become more beautiful.  There are many ideas on how to decorate the corridor, as beautiful as a lake, gravel, steps, intertwined with nature, and lightning bars. I would like to introduce to you some unique ideas

Beautiful Villa space is designed in a box shape opening to the surrounding natural directions:


Taking advantage of the wide area and the natural landscape, the garden Villa design is built in a boxy form to make the most of the sides of the building for the living room, bedroom with opening windows and balcony. creating a luxurious and modern home-garden space in harmony with rich nature.

Decorate the wooden corridor between the sections of the house:

decorative design of aisle corridor

The highlight of this home garden interior model is that the corridor is designed in the middle of the house in combination with the garden and coarse stone, both as a way to divide the room, the area in a smart, unique way and to bring heaven. Of course, the trees entering the house create a very romantic path.

Light up your space with a glass ceiling made in stylized tiles:


Light is spread down from the ceiling specially designed with glass to provide a very airy space.

The corridor space is decorated as a playground outside the door with swings: 

decorative design of aisle corridor

The garden is designed open on the side of the house with decorative stones and white floors combined with the swing connected to the ceiling to create a small playground for outdoor activities of special families. especially families with young children.

Interior design of the lobby with wood with natural views:

decorative design of aisle corridor

Next is a unique home garden interior pattern, almost all objects, walls and floors are used with wood material, maximizing the surrounding area, overlooking the nature, the ceiling is High elevation creates ventilation, all of these factors make a very rustic, rudimentary space and feel like sitting in a forest enjoying a family meal.

Garden design corridor was cleverly brought into the house to decorate more trees with lively gravel:

decorative design of aisle corridor

In this home garden interior design, the garden is uniquely designed with trees, pebbles and transparent glass partitions, making the house always filled with light and vitality, harmoniously combined with the floor and wooden doors. for the home-garden space here is so poetic and lively.

These are modern foreign houses, please take a look Garden Villa Vietnamese style: Beautiful mini garden house in the middle of Hanoi

Sample hallway with a large area using modern glass ceilings combined with the natural environment:

decorative design of aisle corridor

Finally, a large lobby design is suitable for the airport, a large stadium with an elaborate and modern ceiling to catch the light flexibly with the wings open - closed, illuminating the brick section. luxurious flooring, it cannot be ignored that the garden rows are arranged reasonably next to providing a cool natural space for public places where crowded like this.

The restaurant corridor is decorated in an artistic green space with the stairs meandering under the trees:


Here is one of the most impressive garden house designs with stairs, paths designed flexibly interwoven with a trellis of climbing trees, creating a wonderful combination effect between nature and nature. artificial art.

So what other beautiful staircase patterns? Where will these stairs lead to? Please visit Beautiful staircase space template with many different materials offline!

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