Beautiful dining room combining kitchen furniture, foreign samples

Beautiful dining room combines kitchen furniture with creativity in design, not only a place to enjoy delicious food but also a place for family members to reunite. Please introduce: The beautiful kitchen interior models have the strong point of the harmonious combination between tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets and plaster ceiling, using bright colors like white and gold to create a gentle atmosphere, airy to the kitchen space, bringing a feeling of inspiration and happiness to family meals.

Kitchen-dining furniture is decorated with eye-catching blue wallpaper floating on kitchen cabinets and wooden tables:


The kitchen interior model is cleverly decorated with a combination of tones such as the gilded green of the wallpaper with prominent chairs on the wooden brown background of the kitchen cabinet and dining table, the combination "tone sur tone ”that creates a harmonious, smooth effect close to nature like a tree with leaves.

Simple but not monotonous, gentle but not tedious. A small kitchen room with a harmonious combination of greenery and brown earth brings a cool feeling to the user. Lighting system is designed in accordance with the purpose of homeowners. A light for the common space is designed above the dining table. The kitchen area and the sink are illuminated by a light system located below the kitchen cabinets, bringing convenience to users during the cooking process.

The dining room comes to life with a large glass overlooking the nature outside:


Taking the advantage of the terrain, this kitchen design has used the strength of the large array of glass walls with a view to the outside, giving the dining room a bright, airy and natural direction. course.

It can be said, being in harmony with nature, enjoying the light, cool breeze of heaven and earth. That is both good for your health, and also makes your meals taste better. 

Please see the actual photo of the dining room next to the kitchen above VOV apartment that moivaonhatoi has designed and constructed: Interior design of VOV Me Tri apartment building for a more specific look!

Design of dining room with blue walls and art paintings:


Dining room interior is designed with inspiration from the ocean with a blue wall array with an emphasis on oil painting, next to the wooden dining table set in harmony with the floor, making the dining room space. This simple seemingly becomes not monotonous and carries a certain elegance with art.

Small party for 6 people will take place on this luxurious dining table. A beautiful picture that accents the space, the floor and the dining table are all using the same color scheme, combined with simple white chairs. All create a beautiful and romantic space for users.

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Dining room furniture with crystal chandeliers brings a magical light to the entire space: 

kitchen furniture furniture

With the ingenious combination between classic and modern, the kitchen interior has used crystal chandeliers combined with the contrast from the metal surface of the kitchen equipment system as "blowing" into the kitchen space. the family has an ancient magnificence interwoven with sophistication and trendy elegance.

A dining room design with a classic Western style with the main material is still wood, using uniform colors to bring classic beauty but no less elegance to your family kitchen!

A beautiful dining room combining plaster ceiling and hanging lights is a very handy kitchen appliance:

kitchen furniture furniture

The trend of gypsum ceilings is popular and popular in the interior design of the home kitchen, it not only makes the kitchen space become modern, beautiful, but also creates a light light effect. The gentle and magical light from the lights makes family meals more cozy and closer. Not only that, the outstanding feature in this design is that the tool holder located above the dining table offers a considerable convenience that it brings and makes us somewhat feel like we are sitting in a very bar. exciting.

The kitchen space is designed as a mini bar, using a sophisticated lighting system to bring you interesting feelings.

Luxurious kitchen space uses a modern kitchen cabinet system which is cleverly arranged:

kitchen furniture furniture

This modern kitchen design uses red and white as the main color, the highlights are the lines, the small red light and the lights from the ceiling, walls create a clean, shiny kitchen space. and equally outstanding.

The special highlight of this small room is the kitchen interior - a multi-purpose table is placed in the center of the kitchen space, one side is used to place the sink and prepare cookware, and the other is a combination dining table. With the slender wooden bench legs, it's easy to put away after use.

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Lights are arranged on a reasonable kitchen cabinet to bring warm light:

kitchen furniture furniture

The system of wall lights to the kitchen cabinets is very scientifically and intelligently designed to create a strip of light yellow light that runs all the way to every corner of the kitchen, this effect makes the kitchen become sparkling and magical. Feeling comfortable, comfortable for the homeowner every time in the kitchen.

Unique white kitchen space with artistic ceiling lights:

kitchen furniture furniture

Next is one of the very unique and stylish kitchen designs, all the walls in the kitchen are painted white in the same color with the kitchen table and chairs, next to the kitchen window with flexible curtains. creating a really flashy and spacious kitchen space with reasonable light to almost the entire room, the highlight above is the ceiling lamp that looks quite artistic and fancy.

Imagine you are cooking and other members are sitting on a long table chatting happily, or you can both cook and work in a beautiful sparkling kitchen space like this. It's great isn't it? 🙂

Delicate use of white makes the kitchen space expand, giving the user a cool and clean feeling!

The above kitchen sets were very high-end, see these Beautiful kitchen model with spacious and luxurious interior hey you will find even more class ...

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