Which staircase do you think is the most beautiful in these 7 models? Stone cladding? Iron? The wood? Glasses?

This is a contest to select Beautiful Staircase Patterns among many types of Stone Cladding, Curling Iron, Woodwork, Modern Glass. It's hard to win or win ???

The beautiful staircase space has long been an important part of the interior design of the house, it is not only an up and down path connecting floors but also a subtle highlight, contributing to the beauty of the space. furniture Please introduce: Beautiful staircase space samples include: spiral staircase, stone staircase, glass staircase ... for your reference, building space design, office in a professional, unique and impressive way.

Classic staircase space with iron flower handrails:


The first is the classic-style staircase space, designed in the form of a meandering with solid ceiling pillars and curving iron flower handrails to create an ancient and magnificent look, suitable for restaurant furniture or event venues.

Beautiful staircase model space - simply without a handrail:


With a narrow area and the distance between two lower floors, the brick staircase is a smart choice, its simplicity and no matches make the space not cramped but seem to expand because it looks airy. Eye more, handrails are also cut to a maximum to avoid eye confusion.

The space of the arched staircase corridor is decorated with bricks:

Beautiful staircase pattern

Next is a quite unique staircase interior pattern, the ceiling and pillar are designed in the form of a raw brick arched arch with ancient beauty, perhaps very suitable for the library space, school.

The ladder is cladding with walls in this space:


The beautiful and impressive feature in this staircase space model is that the staircase is made of decorative bricks and is attached to the wall without pillars, giving it a very interesting feeling when stepping on those suspended stairs like stepping on the clouds , ventilation and cleanliness is also an advantage for this design.

The light in this staircase space changes according to the environment thanks to the glass ceiling:

Beautiful staircase pattern

Stair space with ceiling is designed impressively by soft semicircular curved glass paneling to spread light into the room, the staircase is designed comfortably with glass handrail.

The staircase space looks like in the space movie thanks to glass and iron:

Beautiful staircase pattern

Finally, the metal glass staircase is folded, while the handrail is made of very shiny, trendy glass, the pillar uses iron material to bring stability, bearing strength. good, while honoring the modern, luxurious beauty of the glass.

Sample space of the square iron handrail:


Iron stairs are also one of the most popular choices today because of the ruggedness and strong lines that it brings. As shown below, the black color with the neat straight line design definitely creates a modern look.

Step up these stairs for further sightseeing Sample bedroom luxury parents and children of this house!

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