20 mẫu đồ dùng trang trí phòng trẻ em ngộ nghĩnh, từ nôi, tủ quần áo, đồ chơi, lều… decor Bedroom đẹp cho bé sẽ khiến trẻ thích thú hơn khi ở trong căn phòng của mình

Baby room decoration crib furniture

Crib design for your baby's bedroom is made of wood, white tones bring cleanness and safety for your baby. Design the component as a high barrier, creating safety, the lower part has two more compartments for convenient storage, and finding things for your baby. Incorporate an additional plastic wardrobe.

Room furniture for baby decoration

The crib design is made of sturdy iron bars covered with white plastic outside, decorated with an extra cloth around, like forming a tiny, funny and lovely bed. Single sofa beside to create a more convenient sitting space for baby care. 

Room furniture for baby decoration

Thiết kế trang trí phòng cho bé theo phong cách neoclassical. Phần tường nôi là những lỗ Classic late press, a high, high cradle ensures safety for your baby when playing as well as sleeping. Single sofa with high quality felt is smooth and comfortable, creating the most favorable conditions for baby care. 

Baby room decoration furniture

Design the crib as the miniature shape of a bathtub. The barrier is small iron bars covered with white plastic, on both sides of the end is a lightweight plastic design that creates depth for the cradle.

Baby room decoration furniture

The baby's room not only needs to be clean, tidy, but also aesthetically pleasing. Designing a cylindrical storage basket with a cloth outside, able to store clothes, ... smaller baskets can hold baby diapers and towels. The arrangement and division like that will help parents, grandparents easily organize and find things for the baby faster.

Design of multi-purpose iron shelves, with the division of compartments like a bookshelf. Arrange some compartments diagonally for storage, some for books, picture frames, and some other compartments for toys. 

Baby room decoration furniture

Puppies for children with horse shape are made entirely of natural wood, safe for your baby's health. The craftsmen have worked meticulously, carefully, forming a compact sized toy that is very convenient and suitable for the children's play space in the baby's room. 

Although the design of a baby's bedroom tent is very simple, it is extremely beautiful. The tent is made up of wooden sticks together, colored fabric cafe The milk is crumpled around to form a cone, on the surface there are open spaces like window frames.

Baby room decoration furniture

The tent has a very unique design, the roof is a cone-shaped block made of glossy fabric, Surrounded by white fabrics that gently drop like curtains, forming a lovely room suitable for the whole baby. boys and girls. 

Designing a clothes rack for babies, with only two pillars like two magical sticks on the sides and a horizontal bar in the middle connecting, creating a sense of excitement for babies like watching swordplay movies. In particular, the underside of the rack is designed with a large wooden board, you can add baby items to this space. 

Hình ảnh công trình thực tế trang trí baby bedroom tại căn hộ Timescity Parkhill apartment building 11:

Room decoration design for your baby


The design of the little girl's room tent, from clean white fabrics, creates a lovely, dreamlike tent. 

For children, toys are indispensable balls, right? Rugby ball, football, or volleyball are both tools for the baby to have fun and decorate the baby's room more lively. 

The wooden rickshaw is unique and lovely. Designing the rickshaw to carry on the cute and funny whales is sure to make the kids extremely excited. 

The large seat with stuffed animals, both creating space for the baby to play and play, has the effect of making the baby's room more unique and new. 

Small hooks to hang things are indispensable in the baby's room, we can directly hang handkerchiefs, bibs, or other essential items of the baby, ensuring cleanliness as well as neatness. 

Pet-shaped nappies are made of soft and soft cotton, safe for your baby's health. 

Room decoration design for your baby

These lovely boxes are like picture frames that adorn and decorate the baby's room more attractive and impressive. 

The design of a new cradle design, with meticulous, sturdy rattan braided material, shaped like a basket, we can let your baby lie inside and take out without worry, kick like bulky trolleys. 

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