Gypsum plasterboard, plaster relief patterns Italy COLLECTION 78 samples

78 samples of gypsum plasterboard, plaster relief patterns in this Collection of famous Roman sculptors, very beautiful and very detailed, European classical style - specializes in designing and constructing villa apartments

These products are for customers of Company reference and put into design, NOT SALE

First, invite you to watch the Video of making Process of Cement Handrail, Cement Reliefs:

Ceiling plaster plaster:

plaster only

Ceiling corner decorative pattern, previously used to be covered with cement, but with plaster technology helped simplify the construction. Ledges are installed faster, with precise and consistent lines. In villas and castles, these patterns are often combined with Granite floor tiles pattern.

plaster ceiling plaster

Classic ceiling plaster plaster:

gypsum plasterboard ceiling tiles

Gypsum-patterned motifs are also extremely rich, from repeating squares, straight lines, to soft, wavy patterns

All it takes is one gypsum mold standard for the entire indoor molding line:

gypsum plasterboard

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Gypsum plaster at the corners of the ceiling:

gypsum plasterboard corner ceiling

The patterned shape of the gypsum ledge on the ceiling creates an end line, like a door brace in a door frame, obscuring smudges when connecting two flat surfaces or two walls and ceilings.

Decorative plaster pillars:

corner plaster cornices

Below the ceiling ledges, there are plaster pillars decorated with a corresponding pattern

Decorative borders on plaster:

frieze plaster frameless wall framed picture frame

And picture frames, plaster framed frames, appear a lot in luxurious classical architecture

Panels for wood doors:

cornices fringed wooden framed plasterboard picture frame

Integrating with the classical architecture are wooden door panels, from familiar simple lines to sophisticated intricacies

To combine them to create luxurious classic doors:

wall framed picture frame

Patterns of wall reliefs:

plaster only gypsum vintage picture frame

The patterns of wall or ceiling reliefs, patterns for the interior of the house are more romantic

Wall-mounted fountains:

plaster reliefs fountains, roofs

Wall-mounted fountains, classic romantic architecture, always inspire art for all time

Decorative patterns of plaster squares:

gypsum indicated decorative motifs

Plaster reliefs decorated with small details, these boxes can be attached to the ceiling, to the top of the column, or to the balcony or hall

Sample plaster top Gothic column:

Plaster head reliefs decorated

The pillars are Gothic gothic architecture, creating a superficial appearance for the pillars supporting the roof

Soft-columned columns create a charming and gracious manner:

Stylized classical columnar plaster relief

What will these gypsum moldings applied in practice look like? Please find out Sample kitchen beautiful dining room classic wood to see how to work together!

Samples of decorative round plaster relief:

cornices, plaster, ceiling

Samples of plaster plasters are usually applied to the center of the ceiling, with or without chandeliers

Reliefs round hanging chandelier:

cornices only plasterboard ceiling tiles chandeliers

Intricate patterns are often lined up in extra spaces like corridors, and do not hang up the chandelier

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And some circular reliefs change in the modern direction:

Modern round gypsum plasterboard

Video of the process of making cement balustrades, cement reliefs:

Samples of rock burrs:

plaster only gypsum head stone

Roman columns often appear in ancient Roman temples, and are built of white stone. And now, it is still used in large offices, or luxury villas, castles

Types of classic square decorative columns:

Textured square column template

Types of stylized and innovative columns:

Classic round square columns

It can be said that, with the talented hands and the rich imagination, the stone carvers, gypsum thread, wood have created the details of classical decoration but the beauty lasts forever. now on. And always the architectural details symbolizing the most luxurious and luxurious.

The columns are usually arranged in the entrance hall, or two sides of the main door, highlighting the front of the house. So choose the main door how to suit, invite you to choose in 125 models of wooden doors, beautiful windows, door handles hey


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There are 2 main types of gypsum:
- Corners: for ceiling corners, plasterboard facades
- Straight molding: for decorative frames on walls and ceilings

How many materials to decorate?

There are 3 main materials:
- Gypsum plaster
- Plastic molding
- Wood board

What types of surface colors are there for decorating?

There are 3 main colors:
- White
- Gold color, silver emulsion
- Wood color

How much is decoration?

- The type of corn with a height of less than 10cm: price from 30,000 VND to 70,000 VND / meter long
- Types of large cornices, corner cornices with a height of 10cm or more: prices from 70,000 VND to 120,000 VND / meter long

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