A villa is a dream that every successful person wants to aim, so what is the villa actually? What are the characteristics of the villa that many people yearn for it? Let's go to MOIVAONHATOI to find the most accurate explanation!


"Villa is a separate house (or derived from a house being used for other purposes) with a garden, a fence and a separate entrance, with a number of main floors not exceeding 3 floors (excluding the roof of the bridge). stairs, roofs and basements), with at least 3 sides overlooking the yard or garden, with an area not exceeding 50% of land area, which is defined as a functional area in the detailed urban construction planning approved by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. approved by competent authorities” (based on the Circular of the Ministry of Construction No. 38/2009/TT-BXD)

What is the mansion
modern villa 2 floors

And according to the concept from ancient Rome: the mansion is a separate house with a large area of land in the suburbs. Referring to the mansion, we immediately think of the spaciousness, elegance, and the garden as the estate of the old aristocracy. Villa space is often located in a prime location, bringing many advantages to nature when there are trees, lakes, even the façade facing the river, the sea, ... At that time, the owners of the apartments. mansions were often kings, mandarins, lords, but when the Roman regime collapsed, the owners of the mansion became more diverse, including the wealthy middle class. 

The concept of a villa today is not as sophisticated as in ancient Rome. The villa is now simply understood as a beautiful house with many functions, designed from 1 to 3 floors on a land surrounded by a garden. The villa consists of 3 sides overlooking the garden, the maximum construction area is 50% of the land fund. Although there is no standard land area, usually modern villas will have a land area of about 130m2 or more, with a minimum frontage of 10m.


If you already know what a villa is, then do you know what types of villas are available today? MOIVAONHATOI would like to answer for you.


Villa designed in a modern style is called a modern villa. Modern style is expressed through architecture, interior design focuses mainly on performance, avoiding cumbersome and sophisticated details as in previous styles.

Modern style villa

Modern villas are not as simple, rough or lifeless as you think. If you know how to design tight, reasonable, it will bring you a sense of peace and comfort in your own home. The common feature of modern style is the use of neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, cream, ... as the key. Combined with this is the tone color scheme that allows emphasis on the shapes, lines and commonly used industrial materials such as chrome, glass, concrete, and new materials that follow the current industry trends. Great.


Classic style mansion

Neoclassical villa designed according to architecture neoclassical has omitted the sophisticated and splendid elements from the classic style. The design style of this villa is derived from classical Greek architecture and the architecture of architect Italian Andrea Palladio. Stepping into the classic villa, we will see the walls and ceiling with delicate moldings being emphasized the most. This style highlights the beauty of luxury, luxury but also very elegant and classy for the overall villa.


What is detached villa

Detached villas are villas that stand independently on a piece of land with four sides all having certain open sides. This type of villa is usually built in the middle of a plot of land and around 4 sides is a landscape of trees and gardens. The average area of single villas ranges from 288m2 to 497m2.


What is duplex villa

Semi-detached villas are block-type villas consisting of 2 separate, symmetrical and adjacent houses. The idea of a semi-detached villa is to design a house on the first half of the land, then symmetrical design to the second house. Although it is a combination of 2 blocks, the land area of the duplex villa usually smaller than solitary, only slowly 189 - 232m2. Selling prices are often lower than single villas.

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Garden villas

Garden Villa is a villa built on a large piece of land, with all 4 sides in contact with nature such as gardens, miniatures, fountains, swimming pools, built on that large land. Garden Villa In urban areas, compared to rural areas, there is usually a higher cost.
Villas with garden features usually have from 1 to 3 floors of large Thai roofs with many door systems in the rooms, in order to make the most of the beauty of nature.


Mini villa is a type of villa with a small area from 80m2 to 100m2. In that area, the architects' problem is to design the space so that it is both beautiful and luxurious, while still ensuring science, convenience and neatness.

mini mansion

In fact, when selling houses and mini-villas that have a construction area occupying most of the land area, without a separate campus or a garden, they can only be called mini townhouses (according to a real estate lecturer in China). Center for Business Consulting and Regional Development, Faculty of Development Economics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, Ngo Dinh Han). Therefore, we can really call it a mini villa when it has a small area of about 100m2 or less, but still has to meet the standards of a normal villa: construction area occupies a maximum of 50% area. soil and has 3 sides that must be in contact with the garden. 



Resort villa with architectural design, exquisite interior. Each villa is fully equipped with living facilities to serve tourists, corporate or corporate vacations. Resort villas are often built in resort projects, hotel complexes or utility services. We can easily come across resort villas in famous tourist destinations, coastal areas, mountainous areas, and a perfect and clean resort environment.


tourist villa

Tourist villas are used for tourist service business purposes. It is usually fully equipped with equipment and facilities for tenants to feel most comfortable during their stay. Like resort villas, tourist villas are often in popular tourist destinations. Instead of the purpose of resting, living for a family, or a group, the tourist villa is used for business purposes. Normally, each tourist villa will have 3 or more villas.

Hopefully, with the information we provide, you will have more complete knowledge to know what a villa is, and how to distinguish the types of villas. I wish you soon success in your career to buy a villa for yourself and your family.

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