Design style Neoclassical mansion not fussy, cumbersome like style design Villa cổ điển mà gi dấu ấn bằng những mặt phẳng của tường, trần nhà, phào, chỉ và những đường cong tinh tế của interior design.

Follow in the footsteps of MOIVAONHATOI to discover the unique, luxurious and classic features in the design below!

1. 1st floor interior design

1st floor design overview

The overall design of the first floor harmoniously includes 2 main parts: living room - kitchen, bedroom.

Living room interior design

Use sophisticated chandeliers to bring a modern, luxurious look.

The living room is an important place where priority should be paid in the interior design of the villa neoclassical. Every detail here must be in harmony from the details on the walls and ceilings such as moldings, patterns, etc. to the shapes of the furniture such as tables and chairs, lamps, cabinets, shelves, paintings, etc.

Sofa is the most important furniture in this design. Choose a sofa with a classic style and a classic patterned carpet to bring elegance and luxury.

Decorate with pictures, decorative items with a neoclassical orientation.

Creamy white color brings a modern, luxurious and airy direction.

Design more decorative lights to make this place more luxurious.

dining room interior design

The dining room is connected to the living room because it is possible to choose a dining table set with the same sofa color to create a unified harmony. Moreover, the design of the chair surrounding the soft cushion and the simple design with patterned accents on the back enhances the modern and luxurious look of this place.

Chandeliers are an indispensable decoration in the design style neoclassical furniture. Options for dining room chandeliers Classic design both provide light for the space and contribute to the space more luxurious

Textured pictures make the space more impressive.

2. 2nd floor interior design

2nd floor design overview

Tầng 2 là nơi thư giãn nghỉ ngơi với 4 Bedroom cùng ban công giúp cho sinh hoạt gia chủ thoải mái nhất.

master bedroom interior design

The bedroom is where members rest and enjoy their private time. Therefore, the neoclassical interior design here needs to create harmony but still classic to match the overall house.

Decorative lighting systems are always prioritized for installation, because the lights are a bit of a neoclassical design style.

TV, bed, curtains, ... are indispensable modern items in the bedroom.

The dressing table divider in a separate place creates the most private living space.

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Choosing a luxurious classic design bed is the highlight for this design style.

The bathroom is designed in a modern direction, fully equipped.

interior design of extra bedroom 1

interior design of second bedroom 2

interior design of 3 extra bedroom

3. Overall design of the 3 floor

overall design of the 3 floor

The 3rd floor is designed as a place for family entertainment. This design style is currently very popular with modern households.

billiard room

work room

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