INTELLIGENT KITCHEN layout for tight kitchens

With limited kitchen space, standing cooking and arranging special items face many difficulties. When the kitchen is not too spacious, please refer to the smart and scientific kitchen layout below. With just a few simple tips, you can cheat to add space to your kitchen space

The "workflow" principle

design "workflow"

A principle built upon the cooking process. Furniture is arranged according to the habits of the kitchen staff in turn left to right: Food storage area, utensils area, washing area, preliminary processing area, cooking area. Layout of kitchen areas like this is very smart and convenient, easy to find utensils.

Use slim metal furniture

Smart kitchen layout with metal utensils

The slim metal furniture will help the kitchen look light, not crowded, cramped. Metal also makes the space more airy and bright.

Smart kitchen layout with built-in kitchen cabinets

wall mounted kitchen cabinet layout

(photo 3)

Massive kitchen cabinets will certainly not be suitable for your small kitchen space. Instead, use wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, which have both a place to store things, and you will have more space to move around, not tripping over the corner of the cabinet.

Smart kitchen layout with racks

Hanging arrangement for smart kitchen

Take advantage of the empty wall corners in the kitchen to arrange racks for pots, pans and other utensils. These racks will be the perfect and smart choice for your small kitchen.

Simplify kitchen space

simple kitchen decoration

One way to minimize kitchen space is to only decorate items that need money and use many times outside. Other items should be neatly arranged in the cabinet. Because the arrangement of too many items will make the kitchen very messy, messy, and the utensils are also easy to get old.

Above are some smart kitchen layouts for cramped, small spaces synthesized by MOIVAONHATO. Please rearrange your kitchen scientifically to make the cooking area neater and more convenient.         

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