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Look up feng shui direction towards the kitchen year of birth

The revelations in feng shui about housing and 3 suggestions about viewing feng shui cannot be ignored.

In recent years, when the socio-economic development has led us to have an open view and a deeper awareness of the importance of Feng Shui in everyday life, especially Feng Shui to go home. in.

So what is feng shui, see what feng shui is for and the benefits that feng shui brings in arranging and rearranging the positions in your house, #Moivaonhatoi  This will help you get this interesting and extremely useful information:

What is feng shui?

Design direction according to Feng Shui

Feng shui is considered a scientific field of the Chinese people, which appeared about 4000 years ago. Is a theory specializing in studying the influence of geographical values, air direction or water source on human life.

Phong is "wind", Thủy is "water".

For the Chinese, feng shui plays a very important role in life. However, it only helps to partially improve, but cannot completely change the destiny of a person.

The knowledge of feng shui is exploited primarily to give us the opportunity to live happier, healthier and more affluent. Because the basic meaning of feng shui is to preserve and maintain harmony between people and everything around them.

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Modern garden design

Feng shui is not at all a superstition or a belief that feng shui has been identified as a scientific method. Is the result of a process of thousands of years of research with the laws of interaction of nature, the environment with human nature.

The art of feng shui was born based on the balance of the universe, when using feng shui in life to help people harmonize with nature, the environment and the principles of the universe. From there, people will have the most balance, bring good things and stability in life.

At this point, please take a minute and reflect on how your life around you is lately? Work, family, business relationships, friends… is everything okay? If the answer is no, then think about the feng shui problem in your house, ask a feng shui expert to advise you, or contact us. #Moivaonhatoi, we will give you useful advice.

See feng shui for what?

Look up feng shui direction towards the kitchen year of birth

In our daily activities, we have applied the principle of "Heavenly weather - Geography - Humanity" to many activities. And considering feng shui is to supplement that principle, watching feng shui helps us calculate how to balance the best values of all things around.

See feng shui direction, to the kitchen, is to see how to balance the value between people - environment - material. From there get better values.

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Benefits of viewing feng shui:

benefits of feng shui view

Seeing feng shui not only helps individuals or organizations develop, but can also help a country become more prosperous.

It is not natural that today many Vietnamese people believe in feng shui. Many people when starting to see feng shui have received the balance of nature and people, from which they use feng shui to do anything, which brings them certain prosperity and luck.

Feng shui does not help completely change human destiny but it will help people more balanced with space, things and cosmological thinking. With feng shui, this universe is a unified whole, only when we apply its operating rules, we will achieve the best value.

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From the above useful content, #Moivaonhatoi would like to suggest to you some important notes in feng shui about housing such as viewing the direction of the house, the direction of the kitchen and the direction of the bed as follows:

View house direction:

Feng shui home design

View direction home is something considered extremely important. Because according to folklore, if you choose the direction of the age of the owner, the family life will flourish as "kite meets the wind", and if choosing the wrong direction, there will be many difficulties.

The simplest and most common way today used by many people to see the direction of the house is to rely on Bat Trach feng shui. Specifically:

The human age is divided into two main groups: East Quartet (Trach) and West Quartet (Trach).
Dong Tu Trach including those of the same age: Kh mosaic, Ly, Chan, Ton (good directions are: Southeast, North, South, East)
West Tuze including those of the same age: Kh mosaic, Ly, Chan, Ton (good directions are: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, West)

To see the direction of making feng shui old houses, homeowners who belong to Dong quartet will choose the direction of Dong Quat East. The direction of the West will be suitable for those of the West.

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See the direction of the stove:

See cooking directions according to Feng Shui

According to the conclusions of the ancients, the kitchen is not only a place to create dishes to energize and ensure the health of the whole family but it is also considered as a source of living energy, resources as well as influence. Big to the mania, the good and bad destiny of the owner, is a most important factor in the work see feng shui.

From the perspective of scientific analysis, this is completely accurate and grounded. It can be said that the kitchen is one of the three key positions that make up a good home with feng shui. Location selection as well See the direction of the kitchen are considered to be very important in establishing a feng shui kitchen.

The ancients pointed that to the kitchen "Located in the direction of sand", which means located in the data direction but looking in the good direction (good direction according to the age of the host). So will follow feng shui:
"The kitchen set the bad direction to burn away the bad things, and the kitchen door is the place to put firewood on the bottom of the pot to burn, to put it facing toward good, so quickly blessed."

When placing the kitchen, care should be taken not to place the kitchen visible outside, that is, from the main door of the house, one can see straight through the main door into the kitchen.

Feng shui also requires avoiding sharp corners in the cooking area, as it can harm the air-conditioning in the home.

Do not place the kitchen under the crossbar: under the beam there is a stove, the female householder will be damaged. If the kitchen is located opposite the toilet or bedroom door, the health of family members will be affected.

Traditional feng shui argues that making a kitchen must pray for "sealing wind". So how to set the kitchen according to feng shui looking straight to the main door or behind the kitchen with windows are not healthy for fear of the wind blowing out the warm flames bring prosperity for the family. On the other hand, the stove belongs to fire, the most incompatible with the cool air of water.

So, See the direction of the kitchen is one of the important criteria in feng shui housing

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View bed direction:

Feng shui bedroom design

The bedroom is the place you choose to rest after a tiring day of work. Therefore, this is a very important position in the house. You need to design and decorate the bedroom according to the correct age for a full sleep, a happy family.

In feng shui, the direction of the bed according to age is a very important task, so that both the age of husband and wife, no one is at odds. If the bed is in the right position, the person sleeping above will have a good and comfortable sleep.

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Place where the bed is properly feng shui:

Look up the bed's direction
  • The coolest location:

 Choosing the direction to place the bed, people are often interested in the position of the place and the direction of the head of the bed.

The head of the bed should be towards the owner's destiny, sleeping is for the body's parts to relax and rest. Therefore, the head of the bed must be located in good directions to attract good air, create a sense of peace of mind so that when waking up, the body is most comfortable.

If the headboard is in the wrong position, the owner will not sleep at night, sleep poorly, be restless, or have nightmares.

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  • The bed has a deviation from the main door and window:

The bed located right with the window and the main door is a very taboo thing, you should put it in the opposite direction or with the door. This is considered the most correct feng shui direction.

If your room has a limited area, can not put the bed far away from the window, you should have a curtain to cover the window.

As for the main door, you should add a doormat to neutralize feng shui.

  • Avoid placing the bed under crossbars or lights:

If you sleep under the crossbar or the lamp or ceiling fan on your head will make you feel not sleeping well, there is always pressure on you. In the long run, it will make you lose sleep mentally, always in a state of anxiety and pressure.

  • No mirrors in front of bed:

In folklore, the mirror is the way that the door connects the yin and yang, so you must not have a mirror facing you, at night you will feel that you are being watched by someone. However, in modern designs, mirrors are heavily used in the bedroom to create a beautiful interior space. Therefore, it is necessary to balance feng shui and aesthetics, the function to choose for themselves the most appropriate concept.

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  • Bed's head:

Note that the head of the bed should not be close to the toilet, kitchen or stairs ... These are places with bad air sources, which greatly affect your health.

Above is useful information about feng shui as well as the benefits of watching feng shui houses, #Moivaonhatoi Hope to help you somewhat about rearranging suitable position in your house to have a better life.

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House building should care about what feng shui factors?

“Need to pay attention to some main factors: - Direction of the house, the direction of the kitchen, the direction of the altar - Some things to note in the interior: kitchen position, altar position, WC location, traffic paths indoors - Some things to note in the exterior: location of the land, surrounding roads, buildings, surrounding nature (mountains, lakes)

Build a house to see the day, what ceremony do you worship?

- Day of the groundbreaking - Day of pouring concrete, roofing - Date of import

If the altar is not chosen in a good direction, then how?

"Unidirectional duality", the position is more important than the direction, so if due to the layout of the house fixed, we can not choose the appropriate altar direction, then pay attention to the location so beautiful ( facing the door, placed in static positions, without the sidewalk sidewalk ...)

Condominiums need to look towards feng shui?

This is due to the concept of each person, if you are interested in feng shui, spirituality, you can choose an apartment in the direction of the main door, the altar that suits you.

Apartment building see the main door or balcony (balcony)?

The main door, of course. Just like a villa, there may be many balconies (logos) but only one main door, the villa must see the direction of the main door, not the balcony, so is the apartment.

If you have questions, need more advice on feng shui, please contact:
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