Are you curious about the steps to building a house? Do you want to know how your "home" was built? Let MOIVAONHATOI answer for you!

Basically the steps of housing construction include the following stages: preparation before construction -> site preparation -> construction progress -> construction supervision and acceptance. Specifically, each stage has steps, or things to note, let's study.


In the steps of building a house, the pre-construction stage is considered to be quite important because it will guide the construction steps going forward.

Preparation steps before building a house
  • Based on your needs and understanding to get an idea of the structure of the house you want to build.
  • Find housing design units
  • Get a permit to build a house
  • Start searching and consulting material suppliers through the recommendation of relatives and friends; or through specific information on the Internet. This work will not only take place at an early stage but will continue throughout the building process.
  • Refer and search for worker teams (demolition houses, masons, electricians ...), or you can simply find a team of workers who can do everything.
  • If the landlord wants to rebuild his current home, then finding a temporary boarding house is essential. When the housing construction process takes place, the homeowner may move to that temporary residence.


In the steps of building houses, the stage of site preparation is indispensable, especially for old buildings that need to be rebuilt.

prepare construction ground
  • Conduct demolition of old houses (if any).
  • Gathering raw materials at a certain point. You can send it at the supplier's warehouse and call in batches when there is no ground to store those materials.
  • Workers' camps so they can rest, and perform long-term construction work.
  • Making fences, partitions and awnings for works, to ensure safety and hygiene for surrounding houses.
  • There is electricity and water to make formwork, iron and steel, mortar and concrete mixing, so it is imperative to fully prepare these elements to be ready for the construction process.

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This is a very important stage because it is like the skeleton of the whole project. The important thing in this stage is to keep the work in the right direction and prepare adequate money to avoid arising out of control.

underground and rough construction
  • Conduct ground breaking, digging foundations, setting bamboo poles, wooden piles, sand piles ... or concrete piles.
  • Doing underground works such as foundation, basement, sewer, drainage, water tank, septic tank, ...
  • Making a frame of house including formwork, iron and steel, concreting column of floor beams of floors
  • Build crude and run electric, water, internet pipes (if necessary), insert door frames ...
  • Roofing type suitable roof.


In fact, in the steps to build a house, the finishing stage takes the most time and money. Homeowners should calculate and carefully balance the interior decoration and interior design if the budget is limited.

steps to complete the project
  • Plaster the outside, and the inside
  • Closed ceilings, flooring
  • Carpentry for: door systems, windows, kitchens, stairs, ...
  • Interior, exterior and waterproof wall paint.
  • Installing electric lights, air-conditioners, water tanks ...
  • Installation of equipment in auxiliary structures
  • Repair home furniture such as sofa, bed, cupboard, table, chair, curtains, ... You can choose furniture according to your preferences, and your needs or you can follow the design of the architect to ensure the harmony, balance and beauty of the interior.
  • Review and when errors are found, tell the contractor to carry out the repair immediately.
  • Clean, clean the house before moving in.


Many families with large areas of land often leave aside a yard to make up the garden. This is also an important part to decide the beauty of the house before entering the living space inside. If you build a house with steps, then building a garden is the same:

construction of garden yard
  • Decorate fences, gates, and porches.
  • Paving the garden floor with suitable bricks.
  • Create sections garden decoration such as: lakes, flower beds, and various miniatures.
  • Planting more grass, flowers to increase the green space for houses.

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This process will always be in parallel with the construction process to ensure the project is on schedule, reach the quality set, as well as save time and costs for homeowners.


Homeowners can directly supervise (if they have the time and knowledge), or have experienced relatives or hire people from reputable monitoring companies.

supervision of housing construction
  • Regularly monitor the quality, and progress of contractors. Check that the purchased supplies are in the right model, quality, specifications as previously ordered.
  • Check the amount of supplies needed for each stage of the building.
  • Promote construction if necessary to ensure the schedule
  • Regularly inspect the implementation of occupational safety to avoid unfortunate events.


Homeowners, construction contractors and design consultants must organize the pre-acceptance test and make a record on the pre-acceptance test of completed construction works before putting them to exploitation and use.

checking and acceptance after building houses
  • Acceptance of each item clearly
  • Make a statistics table to easily track regularly.
  • Relevant parties are responsible for repairing and troubleshooting if any
  • Acceptance record is the basis for the landlord to pay the contractor. Therefore, you need to carefully review this record.
  • The invisible parts of a building (for example, a tunnel, a pit, a water pipe, an electric wall, etc.) must be tested and completed as a final drawing before proceeding with the next steps.

Above are the steps to build a complete house, which is the shortest. Please understand these steps to make the house construction work smoothly, and in a certain order.

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