Types of common chairs in the living room

When preparing furniture in the living room, do you wonder between different types of sofas? Definitely, since sofas play a very important role in the living room. It is not only a decorative highlight, but also a place for homeowners and guests to chat with each other and see the overall interior of the living space.

So do you know what kind of sofa is for your living room yet? Let MOIVAONHATOI show you the most popular sofas on the market today!



In sofas. This is the simplest sofa, designed for one person to sit. You can put a chair in the living room with your sofa, when you sit and talk, you will have a more facing position than sitting on the same sofa. The idea of placing a chair in the bedroom or room work It is also very good, the chair occupies a very small area but will bring comfortable feeling when reading, studying or resting, and is the most compact sofa design in today's sofa designs. In the past, loose sofas were commonly used in cafe spaces but rarely used in residential designs. However, it is now popularly used in living rooms and bedrooms of many families.


Corner sofas are the most popular sofa today because of the features and functions that it brings to the space. This is an indispensable product in the living room of modern apartments because of its convenience and modern, classy appearance.

On the market today, the popular corner sofa is the L-shaped corner sofa, in which the L-corner sofa is a sofa with a design like the letter L placed horizontally, helping to exploit the living area. effective wall corners. Especially with the diverse size and color materials, it is commonly used in many different living room sizes.  

The special thing about corner sofas is not too heavy, easy to move and especially the design of the chair is very suitable for the area of the apartments. The corner sofas will be the perfect choice for you. With the L-shaped design you can rest in the corner of the house and close to the wall without worrying about cumbersome and inconvenient.



This type of sofa uses fabric to cover the chair. Therefore, when you accidentally tear or crease this cover, you just need to remove it and wash it without worrying about leaving a stain. Or you want to change to another type of cover is also very convenient, and fast. Moreover, the colors and decorative motifs of this sofa are also very diverse, from cute, lovely images to modern and elegant images.


The downside of this sofa cover material is that it is easy to catch dust, you must use professional vacuum cleaners to remove the dirt. However, you will definitely feel warm when sitting on felt sofas during winter.


The sofas are made from leather material to bring the luxury and class to the space inside the house. This material is waterproof, so you can rest assured if you spill water on the chair while chatting. Avoid using sharp cutlery that easily causes tearing of the outer skin layer.


6. 2-seater SOFA seats

True to its name, this is a sofa product designed to suit two people. Double sofas are often compact and convenient, so the double sofa can be used for many different indoor spaces such as the living room, bedroom, and reading room.
Especially the double sofa designs are that they have extremely diverse and rich colors, so you can easily choose the sofa color that best suits the living room space and other decorative items in living room. In addition to using a simple double sofa, you can choose to combine with a 3-seater sofa or a sofa table to create a beautiful product set, bringing a modern, luxurious and comfortable look to the space. living room.


3 seater sofa is a living room sofa designed in a simple and modern style with a compact size of 3 seats which is easily recognized. With a modern compact design, along with smooth cover material, it helps to bring a lighter, smoother and more comfortable feeling for the user. So this is a very affordable sofa for small living room spaces.

Above is a classification of the most popular sofa designs today. Hope you have grasped the characteristics of each type of sofa and have for yourself the right choice to complete the furniture in your beautiful living room.

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