Today, laminate flooring has many types with diverse models and colors. Customers can easily choose wooden floors with good quality, high durability, and suitable with the wishes and economic conditions of the family. However, choosing a wood floor color that is suitable for the living space, making the space more beautiful and personal is not simple. So how do each apartment choose the most suitable color laminate flooring?

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According to many studies, color has a direct effect on people's emotions and moods. Color is also an expression of the owner's personality. Therefore, in interior design, color plays an important role in creating a comfortable living space, increasing visual arts. That is why the architects of MOIVONHATOI always pay attention to color scheme for the space, especially in choosing the most suitable and beautiful wood color.

wood floor

2.Trend of wood flooring color is popular today

If you are looking to make your space trendy and keep up with the design trends, you must know the four most popular contemporary wood flooring palettes today. However, depending on the preferences, depending on the style of each person, choosing the color of the floor in coordination with their design also completes the court differently.

dark wooden floors

neutral wooden floors

Dark wooden floors are classic colors that were popular many years ago. Dark woods such as black, brown, reddish brown, chocolate brown, chestnut brown, ... were commonly used in ancient royal and aristocratic designs. And to this day, the class of these colors still remains the same. The dark color palette will be the ideal choice for a luxurious classical style space

Luxury vintage wooden floor

Glossy reddish-brown wooden floors accentuate a classic and luxurious space.

wooden floor in bright colors

light wooden floors

Today, bright colors are increasingly popular. Simple but still very delicate is what people look for in white, yellow, white, ivory floors, ... Bright colors also represent the trend of choosing modern color typing floors in today's life. . A fairly outstanding benefit of bright colors is that it is neat, tidy and spacious, suitable for many apartments with medium sizes in many big cities. In addition, young people also love bright colors for interior design.

Wooden floor in neutral colors

neutral wooden floors

One thing that is quite surprising in the choice of colors for the interior is that we witness the rise of neutral bright colors. A color gamut seems to be chosen only as the background instead of the main color. Today gray is preferred for contemporary designs. The reason why this neutral shade has achieved such a top position today is its compatibility with most of the remaining colors in the color range. It brings balance, relaxation and stress relief to the user.

neutral wooden floors

Neutral gray wooden floors provide a modern, comfortable look.

wooden floor mix colors

Wood floors mix colors

Another option that has become a phenomenon in interior design is mixing wood flooring. Instead of choosing a simple color for the house, many creative ideas by combining many colors bring a very unique eye-catching effect to the space. Usually, it will be 2-3 colors that are similar or opposite to each other to bring the best effect to create an accent for the house. This is a very worthy choice for families who love the new, like the breakthrough for the space.


With the importance of color in design, choosing a color for the floor for the house is never simple. If you are considering choosing a light or dark floor? How to choose the color of the wooden floor is correct, how is it suitable? Then immediately refer to some of the principles below

choose color according to room area

You should choose the right color for each room, do not be rigid. Your room is too, if you give dark colors it will feel cramped. So use colors that create comfort, lightness, and ventilation for the room. If you have a room with a large area, choose a darker or darker industrial wood floor color, with a large and clear wood grain.

Choose colors according to interior design style

If you are knowledgeable about interior design styles know that each style will have a different color combination. For example, if you are aiming for a classic style for the house, the red brown wooden floor color, glued wings, wax will always be a reasonable choice. Or if you love the modern and minimal style, choosing the white and bright wooden floor color will always bring an airy and modern space for the room.

Wooden floor in interior design style


Each room has its own distinctive floor color. If you are wondering which floor color is right for each room type, the following principles will help you choose better.

  • Living room: This is the important place of a house. It can also be said that this is the "face" of the owner with all visitors. Please prioritize the choice of luxurious wooden floor colors and express the homeowner's personality.
  • Bedroom: A private space, so when choosing the color of the bedroom floor, homeowners can choose according to their preferences. However, the suggested colors are neutral, gentle colors that will help create a sense of relaxation and airy for the room.
  • Classroom, or work: Choosing colors for spaces requiring a high concentration should prioritize neutral colors such as white - black. Besides, pay attention to mix walls with wooden floors so that they are harmonious to have the highest concentration.


Feng Shui is a factor that many people are interested in, many homeowners think that color matching with destiny will bring fortune and luck. Here are some suggestions for paradigm colors for your reference:

  • Meets Fire: Industrial wood flooring is dark red and light red, which is said to be the color equivalent to the fate of the destitute. Using red interior design will bring luck and prosperity to homeowners.
  • Destiny: White and yellow are two colors that are suitable for those who are destined to be Kim. They represent regal, richness that is said to bring money to this destiny.
wooden floor according to feng shui
  • Mangroves: The deep colors such as brown, orange-brown, yellow earth are the suggested choice for the Tho destiny. Should choose these colors as the main to bring peace. Also incorporates a bit of bright tones to make the space brighter.
  • Menh Thuy: People of the destiny should choose gray flooring, preferring those with high light purple or blue light. Should avoid floor types with red, etched colors.
  • Mo Moc: Yellow and brown are the two colors that bring luck to the destitute. Owners of this term have many choices from natural wood to industrial wood.

Above is the information you need when you want to choose a wooden floor for your space. Have you chosen the right floor model for you yet? Do not hesitate to come to MOIVAONHATOI for more design advice!

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