Each color has its own meanings, nuances and aesthetic values. The colors can be combined together to create variety and suit many spaces. When starting to design an apartment, you will probably be quite confused about which color to choose for your home. So MOIVAONHATOI suggests you 4 color tones chosen for the most popular apartment today.

Choose white tone for the apartment

choose color tones for the apartment

This legendary color tone is always the optimal choice for any project. In the middle of the bright white space, all the furniture of the apartment can stand out. Especially those who love the minimalist style, this will be the first priority color. In addition, white also helps to make the space airy and feel more spacious.

Choose a dark color tone for the apartment

luxurious black tone

Dark tones or monochrome black are often applied in luxury style. Many people think that this color tone is quite murky and dull. However, this promises to be the color that shows the owner's own personality. A strong, powerful dark tone that is sometimes quiet and peaceful.

Gentle neutral tones

neutral color apartment

Time back here has marked the "age" of neutral colors. This is a color tone that represents lightness and a sense of pressure. The color palette is suitable for all ages, so many people choose for their apartments. At the same time, neutral colors can be combined with any design style such as modern, bright, neoclassical, ...

Strong contrasting tones

choose color tones for the apartment

For homeowners who love to break loose and want to break all limits, contrasting colors will be the perfect choice. Many young people have challenged to choose this color tone for their apartment. The contrasting colors are strongly exploited to make an impression when seen.

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In addition to the above color tones, you can consider looking for color tones that match your desires. Because the color will depend on your taste and personality. MOIVAONHATOI hope the article will be useful to you.

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