Apartment renovation This is the optimal plan that many families choose because the design cost is cheaper than buying another apartment. In order to bring a completely new living space, with small 63m2 apartments that need to be renovated to have a spacious space, let's explore together with

The architectural ground after renovating the apartment includes 2 bedrooms, 1 shared toilet, 1 balcony, 1 kitchen, dining table and living room.

The architectural plan after renovating the apartment can see that the interior equipment is arranged very reasonably with the open-designed kitchen, dining table and living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 shared toilet and 1 balcony. .

photo of the kitchen scene before renovating the apartment

The image of the kitchen before renovating the apartment has a wall to make the kitchen not airy become mysterious and the old paint color is not cool.

After renovating the kitchen, the kitchen becomes airy and opens up, with wooden dining tables and chairs

After renovating the apartment, the wall was removed to reveal the kitchen space, creating an open space. Next to it is a simple wooden dining table set with gray table lining to feel the warmth at every meal.

Inside the kitchen is covered with polished ceramic tiles, cooking equipment system such as gas stoves, dishwashers, hoods, microwaves, refrigerators.

Inside the kitchen due to the need to use easy to cause grease and grease architect for tiling the whole floor and walls with polished ceramic tiles for easy cleaning and clean storage. In addition, the kitchen is fully equipped with cooking equipment such as gas stoves, hoods, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, wall mounted modern.

Overview view of the common living area with laminate flooring system, plaster ceiling and electrical equipment designed after the renovation of the apartment

Connecting to the kitchen and dining table is the living area as well as the living area of the family. Space uses white as the main color. The whole floor is made of laminated industrial wood. Above is a plaster ceiling for anti-warmth with electric lights and air-conditioning tubes, designed to bring high aesthetics.

Industrial wooden cabinets run along the corridor, piano, shelves waiting to set television

Industrial wooden cabinets are placed along the corridor after renovating the apartment to provide high storage capacity, a few design spaces are waiting for homeowners to place televisions and pianos.

The living room has a large gray sofa set, 2 wall decor paintings and white carpet

The living room uses large gray sofa sets and carpets, combined with two wall murals behind this is the unique design language of Nordic style bring open and modern living space.

The bedroom is minimalist, with natural wooden furniture such as vanity, small cupboards

The bedroom is designed to maximize the interior of the furniture are made of natural wood, you can see the three furniture pieces joined together to create a uniform design that fits the room.

The bed uses a white and gray mattress and decorative lamps and wall paintings

The bed uses a gray-white mattress combined with a yellow light decorated drop to provide a comfortable place for homeowners to relax every time they step in.


Modern toilets are fully hygienic using white tones and glass partitions to separate modern space

The renovated toilet painted in white color becomes very luxurious and clean, fully equipped with amenities such as a sink, a toilet, a glass cabinet, a shower, especially a glass partition. separate from dry and wet spaces when in use.

An overview of the living area, with a gray sofa, decorative paintings on walls and graded logia.

After renovating the apartment, it becomes more elegant with the removal of the kitchen wall, cladding the entire floor and ceiling, and re-arranging the interior equipment reasonably, the architect has brought complete living space. All-new airy for this 63m2 apartment.

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