Renovating the home is also a way to renew life, today the renovation of living space is no longer too strange when the apartment you have lived in for a long time. The important thing is to save time, choose your favorite design and have a reasonable cost. Today, let's take a look at what a refurbished apartment with an optimized price would look like.

Architectural plan after renovating the old apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 shared toilet, 1 living room connected to the dining room and 1 kitchen.

Architectural premises after apartment renovation cũ với 2 Bedroom, 1 nhà vệ sinh chung, 1 phòng khách thông với gian bếp.

The doors are replaced with smart locks next to the wooden furniture

The main entrance of the apartment is still new, so it should be kept just replacing the physical lock to a smart key "smartkey". Wooden cabinets are mounted high up to open a corner of the lower part so that shoes can be neatly inside.

Common living space, The entire floor is clad in glossy industrial wood, the ceiling is made of plaster ceiling

The common living space has a small area, so to optimize, the bar and kitchen table are used directly as a dining table to help the apartment become more spacious. The entire floor is covered with glossy industrial wood, the ceiling is redone with plaster and the electric lights are designed to look much more modern.

Living room has a small sofa, lazy chair, emerald green tea table, decor

The living room is designed to be minimalistic, so it is equipped with a small sofa, a lazy chair, a jade green tea table with stone motifs, wall paintings and a small pot decorated with decor.

The dining table wall is reworked and glued with Korean paper that is fireproof and anti-mold

The dining table wall is reworked and glued with Korean paper that is fireproof and anti-mold, and two Danish plastic chairs help increase interaction with family members when cooking.

The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking equipment, the system of industrial wood cabinets is neatly installed

Kitchen sàn được ốp gạch tối màu để tránh lộ các vết bẩn. Tủ gỗ công nghiệp được lắp đặt kê kích trần, bạn có thể cất gọn gàng những thiết bị nấu nướng như xong, chảo, bát đũa vào tủ cho gian bếp trở nên ngăn nắp hơn.

Feminine-colored bathrooms with non-slip floors

The toilet has been completely renewed with anti-slip tile flooring. Because the female apartment owner wants a little highlight, the wall is painted in pink quite feminine.

European brand of mirror cabinets and sanitary ware - old apartment renovation

The dry area is fully equipped Sanitary equipment such as sinks and toilets are from famous European brands. In addition, a mirror cabinet system is installed, you can store shampoo, cosmetics, etc. to provide a large storage space.

Shower stand and bathtub - renovated old apartment

The wet area has a standing shower and bathtub by the floor windows that are tiled with glass and marble tiles. Separate the dry space with a small glass wall to avoid splashing water when in use.

The master bedroom has a large bed using white bedding, turquoise curtains - renovation of the old apartment

The master bedroom has a large, comfortable white bed set up with a mattress. The small windows seem to be fitted with eye-catching double-layered curtains in white and turquoise.

Next to the bed is a glossy white wooden cabinet that is easy to clean and a large clothes storage space - renovating the old apartment

The right wall is placed with a glossy white industrial wooden cabinet, it helps the overall room become airy and clean.


View of the entire living space is spacious and cool after renovating the old apartment

Renovating the old apartment with a minimalist design will help save interior equipment, make use of old equipment that is still new to optimize construction. Just a little change and the house has a completely new look that brings more inspiration to life.

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