When it comes to Rustic style, people will immediately think of rustic and idyllic features. This is also the unique feature of this design. However, how to bring this style into urban apartments. Let's explore this Rustic apartment with MOIVAONHATOI.

Living room

rustic living room
rustic style living room

With a living room using tall, full-length wood panels and floors in warm oak tones, this apartment evokes serenity and simplicity together in several seamless spatial transitions. Wooden partitions and white walls add an industrial feel, and the slim lines add to the elegance. This is the feeling that this rustic apartment wants to convey.


A corner work Small is placed in the living room


The dining room of the apartment has a rustic style
Kitchen area rustic style
rustic style dining table

The sleek furniture, wooden floors and typical Rustic marble tiles add a modern feel to the apartment. Matte black kitchen cabinets contrast perfectly with white walls. The kitchen area has a unique wooden dining table that hugs the white stone table. Black metal lights create a slim look for the kitchen.


the entrance of the apartment

The entrance area is placed a unique star war statue. The gray couch and the simple large mirror create a cool atmosphere for the space.


rustic apartment bedroom
rustic style bedroom

The floor-to-wall wood paneling in the bedroom creates a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, refreshing with 2 small potted plants beside the bed. In the apartment, slim furnishings such as televisions, standing lamps and industrial beds have a rustic industrial motel theme.

bedroom corridor

Walls, floors and wooden details play a role in creating cohesion between spaces and coziness wherever they are. This is also characteristic of the Rustic style.

dressing room next to the bedroom

The hallway and walk-in closet are upholstered in high-rise wood framed by white walls.


Rustic bathroom
The bathtub of the apartment has a rustic style

Phòng tắm được tile đá cẩm thạch sang trọng và tạo cảm giác sạch sẽ. Gương rộng phản chiếu đồ gốm sứ trắng, đồ đạc mạ crôm công nghiệp nên tổng thể nhà tắm phong cách Rustic rất trang nhã, và rộng rãi.

Above is an apartment model in the Rustic style that MOIVAONHAOI introduces to you. If you have a need to design and construct an apartment in this style, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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