With limited area, studio apartments can still be fully furnished with smart designs. invites you to visit a model apartment with a design that brings the optimum in space but still fully equipped.

Architectural premises of studio apartments with small area

The architectural space of the studio apartment is small architect has arranged the interior equipment in a scientific way, ensuring optimal capacity and living area for homeowners.

The main hallway features a mirror and electric washbasin - a small studio apartment

Entering the apartment corridor is a hand wash basin with a touch mirror with a sunken LED light that automatically lights up when you step into the apartment very smart and modern.

Industrial wooden cabinets and ceiling air conditioning system

Industrial wooden cabinets running along the corridor to the bedroom are painted in a pleasant glossy wood color, creating a feeling like a wall.

The entire ceiling is covered with plaster ceilings and smart kitchen appliances

This is the common living space of a small studio apartment. With smart layout, there should be full kitchen equipment with integrated sink on the kitchen table. Above the entire ceiling is made of a dry plaster ceiling and a sunken electric light system running along the room ensures adequate amount of light for the apartment.

Gas stove, hood, dishwasher, led light

The cooking area is equipped with a sink gas stove, right above the hood, the dishwasher is intelligently designed hidden in an industrial wooden cabinet to help optimize the area.

dining table, ceiling lamp, stainless steel kitchen table and sink

The dining table has a single-frame design above with a light drop to ensure light. Next to it is a large sink located on the kitchen table, especially convenient for fruit and hand washing. The stainless steel plates above the sink can also be used as a vegetable cutting table.

Black desks and display shelves, next to a washing machine and decorative water cup

The small studio apartment work corner is designed to do just the job office Simple and decorated by glossy black display shelves, striking between the main white tones. On the left is the area for the washing machine to notice above is the eye-catching rainbow decor cup set.

bedroom with sliding doors made of industrial wood - small studio apartment

The bedroom is equipped with industrial wooden sliding doors painted white and it is opened during the day, making the space become spacious and airy, creating interesting, less cramped space.


Large bed with light-colored bedding. Behind is the pvc sheet with decorative led strip lights

The simple bedroom is decorated with a bed set with light-colored mattress, the back is a decorative PVC sheet, surrounded by a yellow led strip that does not cause dazzling and can also be a decorative nightlight.

The toilet has a smart toilet, shower, and anti-slip ceramic tile floor

Compact toilet, with Sanitary equipment like a smart toilet, shower stand with a very modern anti-slip ceramic tile floor.

Overview of studio apartments with small area

Overview of a small studio apartment with a full range of smart interior equipment, modern and compartmentalized layout, optimizing in terms of area, providing high usability and durable quality when put into use use.

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