Open design is the style used for this apartment. As soon as you enter the apartment and the common living space, you will feel a bit overwhelmed with a lot of decor from the smallest corners of the apartment with a large amount of light due to the open design.

architectural design of open apartment

Panoramic view of the architectural ground of the apartment with an open design of a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a shared toilet are very suitable for young newly married couples.

blue sofa with map decoration

The living room is equipped with a striking blue sofa set behind which has a few striking decorative paintings, a very impressive and eye-catching map picture that brings a little open design to the space.

Large windows for living room, decorative plants

Because of the open design style, homeowners have arranged the most optimal furniture to be able to put three large windows in the living room to provide ventilation as well as ensure convection for the apartment. Also can see many large and small green pots in the living room to help increase the green space for the apartment.

Glass doors create open space for the bedroom

From the outside, the main bedroom can be seen with the glass doors that provide an open design space for the bedroom, and of course the inside is equipped with a retractable curtain, ensuring privacy when needed. .

blue cardboard bedroom with artistic ceiling light

Going inside, we can see that the space is not too large, so the owner only put one bed and next to it is a large-sized wardrobe with a ceiling to ensure the basic needs of the apartment owner.

Baby bedroom set adjacent to colorful north eye

Next is the extra bedroom that can be seen over it can be seen as a bedroom for small children, so it is painted warm yellow and has a baby bed next to the wall, underneath is covered with a large rug near most of the room. Make play space for children.

Wardrobe with a unique design with drawers in and out suitable for children

The corner of the wall next to the door has a very unique design wardrobe, instead of hanging cabinets as usual, the clothes are neatly folded into the drawers that can be pulled in and out, very suitable for children.

spacious travel corridor

The corridor leading to the kitchen is quite spacious due to the open design orientation for the apartment. Honestly, the owner cares for his apartment by placing a lot of decorative décor from small to large, the wall has a neatly arranged bookshelf that is also decorated for less empty space. spread over medium shelf for optimal storage very good use of the apartment.

The kitchen has a small white dining table, light fixtures and tables

The kitchen space is open, in the middle there is a small dining table, right above is a decor light bulb that drops from the ceiling to quite delicate, next to the wall are two impressive decorative slogan pictures. Especially, it can be seen that the large two-door fridge is cleverly designed in the wall and optimizes the kitchen space.

Industrial wooden cabinets for easy clean shiny kitchen

The entire L-shaped closet is designed with industrial wood material with a bare ceiling and glossy surface to make cleaning easy as well as highly aesthetic. In addition, the kitchen is also equipped with an oven and stove from directly above is the hood to help the space be well ventilated and not cause odor after use.

The toilet has a wooden cupboard bath - open design

Toilets use mostly white colors in the same color as the ones Sanitary equipment Brings clean and luxurious. Especially can be seen that the large bathtub and shower stand is very modern and luxurious.

glazed tile wall and the glass runs on one wall - open design

Next to the wall is a closet and a washing machine with a sound inside. To have a spacious design right above the homeowner place a mirror running along one side of the wall to bring a sense of large area.

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Address: 201 Bà Triệu, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hà Nội

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