Address: Dang Xa urban area, Gia Lam, Hanoi

Acreage: 60m2 – căn hộ 2 Bedroom

Construction time: 1.5 months

total cost of construction: 160 million (Before construction: old apartment bought, needing renovation)

- 2018 -

A pioneer of the city's social housing project, for low-income people, Dang Xa urban area is considered a model of development for low-cost urban areas in the future. Here, the apartments are built with small and medium size, the MV company has the opportunity to come here to Interior design of the apartment Dang Xa and can confirm to readers that the area is not a problem in the Design stage because we will help you to devise a plan to optimize the area so that your house is not only beautiful and convenient. but also become more generous.

Invite you to take a look at the 62m2 apartment designed modern, unique in Urban Apartments Dang Xa Gia Lam, Hanoi.

Overall living room furniture and dining table Dang Xa Apartment

Any one of us always wants to have a beautiful and cozy interior space. Because after a hard working day, coming home tired living space has a great impact on your mood. Therefore, many people are willing to spend hundreds of millions to be able to own the living space they want. And the owner of this Dang Xa Apartment did just that.

Form interior design Dang Xa apartment building Gia Lam is 62m2 wide by MV and interior design package. Based on the requirements of the owner of the architects "Come into my house" has come up with an interior design plan that focuses on simplicity but utility makes the space more prominent.

Overall layout of Dang Xa Gia Lam apartment building:

Overall layout of Dang Xa Apartment Building


Status of the apartment when purchased from the previous owner:

The architects came to survey the apartment and measure, and we can see through the small living room space, the color of the old wall and the floor only tiled with monotonous background.

And that view after renovating the interior:

renovating living room space Dang Xa Apartment

After constructing the living room space, there was a huge change compared to the original image we saw. The colors used throughout the whole space are youthful and warm colors such as cream, gray, wood color, white ... helping the space to expand, open and more modern.

The minimalist furniture arrangement renovated in a Scandinavian style blends perfectly among 3 simple features in the design; sophistication in feeling and comfort when used to create a space bearing a beautiful artistic - full of utility.

The paintings add artistic features to Dang Xa Apartment house

Pictures of solid or simple lines create a soft and artistic for your home.

Interior construction design of Dang Xa Gia Lam urban apartment building

Dang Xa Apartment is like a new shirt after the design and construction

With the investment in renovation with less than VND 200 million, architects have considered choosing construction furniture to ensure the best quality and performance. In addition, the location of worship is also focused on the wishes of the homeowner.

Status of viewing angles from the living room to the kitchen:

kitchen space before renovating Dang Xa Apartment

Kitchen space when not renovated looks quite small, dark colors and inconvenient to use. So what to do to inspire family cooks? Want to have delicious dishes, the kitchen space must be perfect, let us see the surprise below!

After interior construction is completed:

kitchen view from the living room when renovating Dang Xa Apartment

The space makes use of light in harmony with nature, making the overall warm, modern and elegant. From this perspective we can see the living room, kitchen and dining table locations. Despite its small area, it still feels spacious and complete.

Ms. Ha, the owner of the apartment, shared, 'My husband and I bought this apartment when I was pregnant, about to be beautiful, when I had a baby for a month, it was the time when the apartment was finished construction, when I came home and looked. see the apartment is transformed, everything is arranged extremely reasonable, sophisticated and modern, as desired by the couple. This is the second apartment that my house has asked the company to invite me to design and execute, the result is always satisfied. If there is a third apartment, I will continue to support MV Company '

For MV Company, when receiving the sharing from customers like Ms. Ha's, it is always the motivation and pleasure for us to continue to be passionate, to be inspired to bring dream homes to customers. mine.

Invite you to review the image of the living room - kitchen before and after the construction design:

Situation of dining area:

Apartments in Dang Xa Gia urban area

Dining table design area before construction, no accents or any special impression.

Dining area when finishing furniture:

Interior construction design of Dang Xa Gia Lam urban apartment building

Architects of the House Invites I have breathed a breath of fresh air into the apartment's interior Dang Xa apartment building, namely the dining area, family reunion space every night. The highlight is the non-plastered red brick wall array combined with the personality lettering. The deep dining tables and chairs match the space with something vintage but also full of modernity.

The close-up image of the dining table area, the searchlights, although small, but also show the meticulousness in the design. The red brick wall and the searchlights create impressive accents in the dining area

Photos of old kitchen in Dang Xa apartment building

Current situation of kitchen in Dang Xa Gia Lam urban area

The kitchen corner is old and lacks modern and convenient parts

And when the kitchen is renewed:

Kitchen apartment in Dang Xa town

It is obvious that small kitchens do not give you as much space as large area kitchens, and that is always a difficult problem when designing small kitchens. Utilizing and exploiting dead angles or small spaces are ignored requiring the subtlety of architects. After fixing the kitchen look completely different, more prominent with a youthful white color. Kitchen cabinets and appliances are reasonably designed, comfortable and safe to use.


Interior construction design of Dang Xa Gia Lam urban apartment building

The family has two bedrooms for parents and one daughter. Each room is arranged differently to serve individual living needs for each individual. Parents bedroom with a simple but very modern layout

Current status of the bedroom:

The situation of apartment building in Dang Xa Gia Lam urban area

Dang Xa urban area Original handover with simple furniture, tiled floors

Bedroom when repairing, improving and completing:

The bedroom of the parents brings a gentle tone, helping homeowners have a natural, delicate and relaxing feeling. The slight contrast also provides an expanded, more relaxing view of the room. The dressing table is also streamlined near the window, where there is natural light.

Due to the small area, the bedroom is arranged with a neat white wardrobe, with many details such as wall paintings, lamps, small wooden tables ... creating a harmonious and unique feature.

Current corner of the wardrobe:

Interior construction design of Dang Xa Gia Lam urban apartment building

Corner closet without construction look very small

And after completion:

Interior construction design of Dang Xa Gia Lam urban apartment building

Parents' bedroom is in a wider view.

Large bedroom with simple amenities Dang Xa Apartment

Bedroom overview simple but fully furnished

Compact, simple bookshelves increase the space of Dang Xa Apartment

TV shelves and ultra-compact bookshelves help save space and create a sense of room

Unique drop lamps with small wooden tables help homeowners read every night

Invite you to refer to the small and beautiful details that create a cozy for the bedroom of the apartment Dang Xa apartment building this.

Each picture is a message that architects want to convey to homeowners. Wall paintings mean family ties. Wooden statues of boys and girls show the owner of the house


Girl's bedroom brings a sense of spaciousness thanks to the large window of Dang Xa Apartment

Bedroom for girls brings lovely pink color and creates airy combination with simple furniture. Architects designed the interior to create a compact space for children to have fun and study as they want.

The colorful pictures stimulate the development of children in Dang Xa Apartment

Colorful pictures help the child's development

pink bed for girls Dang Xa urban area

The bedroom is neat and feminine

Girl's bedroom upon delivery:

girl's bedroom before renovating Dang Xa urban area

Một góc phòng ngủ khi chưa sửa chữa

Bedroom interior complete girl:

girls room complete Dang Xa Apartment

The lovely house-shaped bed helps the child to love his room more "the little house in the big house". Wardrobe with separate toy storage compartment.

Mr. Binh, the owner of the apartment, shared: 'My daughter saw her own room with her favorite pink color for the first time, she jumped up and down on the bed expressing her joy and thanks to the Company helped my husband and my wife realize their dreams'

Smartly designed baby girl bed in Dang Xa Apartment

Recently, smart furniture has been applied a lot in life. The baby's bed also has a large drawer that can hold toys or clothes.

Large windows create open space Dang Xa urban area

Open space with harmonious light helps children have a most comfortable living space.

An apartment is not too large, the convenient arrangement will help family members bring a higher effect when living.


7WOODEN105 million

After Interior design of Dang Xa apartment building, please continue to refer to the beautiful house samples from "come in my house”To get ideas for beautifying your home. And if you already have an idea for your dream home, please contact us and we will fulfill your dream:

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