The living room of the apartment building has completed the 120M2 Mulberry lane apartment design


Address: Mulberry Lane Apartment, Mo Lao, Ha Dong

Acreage: 120m2 – 3 bedroom apartment

Cost of construction interior part : 170 million

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

Interior design: 15 millions

Construction time: 30 days

- 2015 -


Landscape of Mulberry Lane apartment building at night:

mulberry lane apartment landscape. 120m2 apartment design

Better than other apartments, Mulberry Lane apartment design has a playground space on the first floor with full amenities such as swimming pool, outdoor barbecue area.

Living here quite like, at night, you can come down here to play with the beautiful landscape, or swim.

What about on the apartment? This time invite you to an apartment on building E that moivaonhatoi newly designed and constructed! …. Design apartment 120m2

Layout of apartment 127.58m2 Mulberry Lane E apartment:

mulberry lane apartment premises. 120m2 apartment design

We invite you to an apartment of 127m2 with 3 bedrooms and 1 working room. This apartment is quite large and the layout of the rooms is also reasonable, all rooms have windows.

Therefore, the work of Moivaonhatoi this time has no dams, wall translation, but only adds interior materials to complete the apartment more beautiful….Interior design of the apartment mulberry lane 120m2

Layout of 3D living room, kitchen:

3D living room and kitchen mulberry lane apartment. Design apartment 120m2

On the picture above, the entrance door is in the upper right corner, the large window is on the left side. The kitchen is in the lower right corner.

The living room layout is attached to the dining room and hall, the rectangle is long, so the walled furniture here should be designed so that it is not evenly spread. Design apartment 120m2 ...

Current status and construction process of mulberry lane 120M2 apartment room after design


The photo on the left shows the handover of the apartment. The photo on the right shows the construction of the apartment. The tile floor is replaced with wooden floor to make the color of the room warmer. Plaster ceiling is installed, plus black ceiling slots make the room more design lines.

Technically, the plaster ceiling here is added to reduce the ceiling height by a negligible amount, but create more aesthetics for the room. Condition of the apartment does not need to be lowered or moved, but created a plaster box to jump up, and does not affect the air conditioner.

Living room after completion:

mulberry lane 120m2 apartment living room after completion. design apartment 120m2

After installing all the interior details such as furniture, lights, decorative lights, 3D panels, curtains, glass mirrors, the room has been transformed, completely changed from the original state.

Step by step the process of building the interior of the living room:


The wall behind the sofa is a long one, and here we will use two materials, which are the decorative 3D panel wall, and the wooden cabinet system.

Interior of living room complete mulberry lane apartment:

120m2 apartment design

Interior design of Mulberry Lane apartment 120m2 of basic interior package, with floors, flat plaster ceilings, you can buy things and go home. But adding 20 million money for interior design, the space will be different from buying ready-made items.

Buying items available will not have high-ceiling cabinets, matching the space as above, moreover, some unique items like the wooden clock in the other cabinet also need a separate place to fit the size ...

It can be said that the design here has designed an interior space in accordance with the current state of the house, with the color of personality, the purpose of the homeowner's use.

TV wall array of 3D blueprints and construction process:


The design is like the 3D version on the left, always perfect, and there are a lot of 3D design images online, but the most important thing is the reality, the construction stage to make the product right with what. designed.

TV cladding segment after completing mulberry lane apartment:

120m2 apartment design

And you can view and compare the pictures of the living room of the apartment after completion, with the pictures of construction, to see the working stages from AZ of moivaonhatoi.

Living room with modern lines and colors:

overall living room apartment mulberry lane

This TV shelf is also simple, but with some additional details to make the highlight and more vivid.

These are blue and red waves. These two colors are colorful, but placed on a luxurious space still not deviated, because these 2 colors are taken in the tone of the Italian Italian flag color. If you change these 2 colors to white, the design of the entire TV shelf will become normal, and as you can imagine in your mind, you will also see that the choice to red blue is more reasonable.

The log running long above the white TV will easily be skewed, warped, because the size is too long. So the letter V above is a decorative detail but has a structural function, helping the wood to be fixed and stable.

View from the living room to the dining table area during construction:


Construction changes gradually and interior images are clearer after each construction step

Outstanding living room interior with 3D panels:

Outstanding wall cladding array for mulberry lane apartment

The wall behind the sofa is clad with a 3D decorative panel, combining top-down lights, making the panel more visible. This is a new material.

You can imagine that our house also has such a highlight with the lamp slot… It will be very beautiful, right? But it will be even more beautiful when there is the connection with other interior details in the room.

The wall behind the sofa is long but still creates a lively mulberry lane apartment:

120m2 apartment design

The 3D wall is finished with a wooden wall cladding, creating a connection with the shoe cabinet and decoration. We will see the same color as White - Yellow alternating. All of them bring new motifs and the layout based on the design intentions

The process of building the wall behind the sofa:

The living room is under construction of Mulberry Lane

Inviting House I have a working opinion that "attaches great importance to the practical construction", so there are always many pictures on the site moivaonhatoi.com. Current Status - Construction - Completion the reality of moivaonhatoi, better understand the interior finishing steps of an apartment.

Construction process requires meticulousness, carefulness and precise calculation to create perfection

And when the construction is completed:

120m2 apartment design

Shoe lockers are arranged near the door, a large and comfortable space to prepare belongings, luggage, and even a mirror to look at yourself before going out. Decorative cabinets are located at the transition between the pre-room space and the living room. Requires both cohesion and rational division when entering a new space.

Corridor leading to the working room of mulberry lane:

The current Mulberry Lane apartment design is very reasonable. The corridor leading to the inside is long but full of light, making the space more beautiful and friendly. This corridor is narrow, like a dead end, but the design of the building is to place at the end of the hallway a classroom, and a window, making people want to step into the hallway, and at the end of the hallway is 1 bright space. And if you add furniture to the office at the end, it will make this corridor even more beautiful.

Working room before constructing mulberry lane apartment:

120m2 apartment design

The office room is quite cramped, but it is designed with a corner window, making it feel like removing the separation of space, making the room larger. Sitting and working in this room with open windows is like integrating with the outside nature, making the owner of the room come up with more ideas for work.

Complete working room with many book storage compartments:

120m2 apartment design

On the left of this array of windows, we designed the desk and bookshelf.

Bookshelves usually have horizontal and vertical texture, but here are broken to create vivid diagonal cells, which are less tedious when working for a long time.

The word NC is the name of the company, the brand, the work ethic of the owner, and it is also difficult to put it in the bookshelf, however, with the diagonal design, it has a suitable position and Highlights.

Layout of 3D bedroom mulberry lane apartment:

3d image of a mulberry lane

The 3D image of the child's bedroom from the top can help you visualize the layout of the room. The door to the room is in the lower right corner, the bed is in the middle.

The main color tone of the bedroom in the sample Interior design of the apartment This is blue and green.

View from the entrance - the process of constructing mulberry lane apartment interior


The current situation of the room is simple white, and has been completely changed thanks to a youthful blue tone. Furniture constructed at the workshop, carefully plastic-wrapped, is being quickly installed at the site.

And after completing child bedroom furniture:

My bedroom has completed mulberry lane apartment building

Bookcases and study desks are designed in standard size cm in accordance with the current window. The study desk can take advantage of natural light, and the two surrounding walls are placed with bookshelves, taking advantage of the space and area in the room. Even the wall array above the window curtains is also placed, optimizing space.

Corner desks, bookshelves during construction:


This cabinet system is constructed at the wood workshop, divided into different small blocks and assembled at the project. Requires precise design and measurement. The effect is quick installation and construction.

Learning corner after completion:

120m2 apartment design

For this small apartment bedroom, the color used of the furniture is white, but there are more blue details in the positions that have been designed before, creating a lively.

The design of the plasters ceiling also integrates with the desk space, making the corrugated iron and floating the bookshelf system.

Add colors to change the bedroom space:


Color is the decisive factor for a space. Therefore, the room has had a transformation, completely changed when painted with a blue wall. 3 different colors, but mixed, placed side by side still not distorted, but as a complete set of 3 colors.

Finally, the children's bedroom with vivid blue tones:

colorful room mulberry lane apartment

The design squares on the wall, as if being hung from the ceiling, are made of Fomex panels. Later on the panels will be stuck with the Superman, Angry Bird, the little owner's favorite characters.

Bed with hidden spaces for mulberry lane 120m2 apartment:

120m2 apartment design

Make the most of the space, even under the bed, with the drawer system. There will be no more dirt under the bed, but instead useful storage spaces.

Layout of 3D parent bedroom:

photo 3 d bedroom parents mulberry lane apartment building

Looking at the top-down 3D perspective of the parents bedroom, we can see that there are lots of furniture around the wall, from wardrobes, TV shelves, bookshelves, chalk tables ... All those furniture are just wrapped up in the bedroom. 20m2. However, the furniture seems to have links and sync with each other. 1 point of one item is tied to 1 part of another item. That prevents the interior of the room from being cluttered, but becomes a unity.

Parents bedroom in the process of conceptualizing and constructing mulberry lane apartment interior


Receiving the handover of the interior of Mulberry Lane apartment 120m2, moivaonhatoi up the design concept, and the room is changed step by step, starting with the changing shape, thanks to the ceiling and plaster wall.

Below are the wooden furniture being assembled.

Complete parent bedroom:

bedroom parents modern rustic mulberry lane apartment

Unlike the vivid and eye-catching green children's bedroom, the parent bedroom has a rustic wood color, creating a cozy and luxurious look.

The color is simple but the room is not monotonous, thanks to the small details dotted throughout the room. From the dazzling plaster ceiling light, to the red and green bookshelves there is something in the living room. Round mirror reduces the squareness of the room….

3D design master bedroom and when installing furniture:


Moivaonhatoi try to construct close to reality. We can paint well, and we can do it as well as we draw. Therefore, the construction pictures are constantly being updated to help you understand more about the products of Invite In My House. …. Design apartment 120m2

The master bedroom is complete with many lively sitting corners:

120m2 apartment design

The highlight of the kitchen is the kitchen, dining room is dining table, living room is sofa and TV. And the bedroom is definitely a bed. Therefore, gypsum ceilings and drywall panels are designed with light to highlight the bed space more.

Looking at the picture above, our viewpoint also seems to be sucked into the main space of the room, which is the bed.

Bedroom furniture installation process:

mulberry lane apartment bedroom furniture fitting process. 120m2 apartment design

In this image, we can see the inner texture of the bed. This structure will be much different from a regular 4-foot bed. This bed has a support structure consisting of wooden surfaces around, accompanied by wooden facades inside the bed that are straight to the floor.

Between these structural facades, there are 4 drawers, to optimize the usable area.

And after completion:

bedroom, parents complete mulberry lane, 120m2 apartment design

The entire wooden furniture system is like having a zigzag line connecting objects together into a synchronous system. That straight line runs through the bed wall to create a wide bedside pattern, highlighting the sleeping space.

Modern furniture in the room has square lines, but alternating with it is a round chalkboard mirror, creating softness ...

Landscape of Mulberry Lane apartment building at night:

mulberry lane apartment landscape, 120m2 apartment design

The design of the Mulberry Lane - Mo Lao - Ha Dong apartment building, investing quite in detail in the green garden landscape, much more than the existing urban areas around Hanoi.

Beautiful living space and comfort:

120m2 apartment design

This place is not just a place to go back to like other urban areas, but also to live, play and live.

Especially for the elderly, retiring, the spaces around this urban area are more important and advantages than ever. //// design apartment 120m2


TOTAL170 million VND

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

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