Creating more smart storage space is always essential in any room. If your drawers and dressers are overflowing and you've exceeded their storage capacity, it might be the right time to consider the space under your bed as an alternative storage area. . This is a great idea for you to make the most of every nook and cranny in your bedroom. MOIVAONHATOI suggests you great solutions to effectively store things under the bed.

Store things under the bed with wooden boxes

wooden box for storage

If your budget is quite tight, wooden boxes are a good way for you to consider. Although more expensive than plastic boxes, wooden boxes are durable and much more aesthetically pleasing. By choosing the right color and size, you have a very neat space. Make sure you measure the box correctly to fit under the bed.

Store things in suitcases

Solution for storing things under the bed

Just like under the bed, suitcases are often left empty when there are no trips. They are also quite large in size and it will be a waste of space if you do not take advantage of it. Fill them with items you don't need and keep them under the bed. If you often travel, you can put them under the bed with the necessary items for the trip but do not use for daily activities.

Store things under the bed with fabric boxes

cloth box for clothes

If you have some clothes you don't wear often, you can store them in fabric boxes and neatly place them under the bed. This helps to ensure that the clothes are undamaged and clean at all times. Use a variety of boxes from different materials to distinguish where to store things. And cloth boxes to store clothes, towels, carpets are a great idea.

Storage bins with wheels or sliders

Solution for storing things under the bed

It will be inconvenient if you put too much stuff in the bins under the bed and have to pull it in and out constantly. Consider the storage boxes with wheels or sliders below. These details make it a lot easier to get your stuff.

Bed design with drawers

bed design with drawers

Beds with drawers are becoming more popular than ever. This type of bed may be more expensive than a regular bed, but the utility it brings is extremely worth it. It's like having an extra built-in wardrobe, and very neat.  

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Finding an area to store things when the closet is too crowded is not an easy task. However, under the bed will be a perfect and effective alternative. MOIVAONHATOI hope that this article will help you in arranging furniture.

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