French country interior style always brings a balance between elegance and rustic. To express all the characteristics and emotions of this style requires elaboration and ingenuity. However, with the tips below, you will understand the steps to design the most standard French-sounding house. Let's find out the most important aspects to pay attention to with MOIVAONHATOI.

Create a natural palette for French country style

French country style

To reinforce the country elements in this style, focus on the natural color palette. Colors such as soft yellow, blue, warm pink and beige are considered the traditional colors of this design. You can use neutral colors and warm colors to create a feeling of comfort. As for the cool and black tones, apply the border in a clever way.

Classic furniture creates a feeling of nostalgia

Classic living room design

Country style France loves timeless furniture. And if you have these items on hand from previous generations, that's great. Or you can treat the assumption by using natural wood and paint to give it an older feel. In addition to wood, create some accents with metal, glass or any other material to create the most ideal space.

Bring nature into your home in French country style

dressing table design

French country design always encourages you to use natural elements. Some traditional motifs include sunflowers, lavender, and olives that give a feeling of freshness and peace. Look for natural materials such as cotton or jute fabrics. Curtains, carpets from natural fabrics help the house to be more environmentally friendly.

Bring some mirrors into the space

French country style

When it comes to French country style, the mirror is a very important accessory. In addition to the main function of mirroring, the mirror helps the house feel more spacious. In addition, with their beautiful design, they can also be used as decorative items. Look for mirrors that are elaborately crafted and gilded to really stand out. If the mirror in your home is more like a work of art than a reflective surface, you've done it right.

Decorate accessories skillfully

French country style

Regardless of what accessory accents you decide to incorporate. Give priority to models with classic designs typical of French country style. Some popular choices are patterned cushions, wall clocks, chandeliers, candlesticks, floral crockery, pot similarity, etc. These big and small points will connect the space strongly and honor the most classic lines.

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French country is an innovative interior style that combines classical decor with natural coziness. It is an irresistible blend of sophistication and rustic. So MOIVAONHAOI has guided you how to decorate the interior in this style. If you have a need for design and construction of houses, please contact us immediately.

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