The ceiling for the gallery, the ceiling for the gallery, and the ceiling for painting exhibition, should be large. Solid structure is hard, but to be beautiful is even more difficult. The following samples are a great reference for this architecture

Architectural works

A simple yet effective painting gallery: natural light is brought in from the roof to give the highest light effect to the paintings. The wooden floor creates a friendly, peaceful look that is very suitable for the atmosphere of the gallery. In addition, the gallery interior also has a simple and convenient leather sofa so that guests can sit for hours to watch the works of art, this is the highlight of this architectural work.

Architectural works

Simple lobby space made of concrete without plaster can be used in factories and large factories. Walls with large openings make the space airy and spacious. This architectural work is sure, has the necessary functions.

Architectural works

This hall is designed with the highlight of the dome. Natural light is maximized through the use of glass panels on the walls and part of the roof. The special feature of this hall model is that the majority of the dome-shaped ceiling layer is covered with stylized wood to create an ancient and majestic look but still has the inherent softness and flexibility.

Architectural works

The space for displaying beautiful pictures of Italian architecture, the hall space is designed with glass ceilings and wooden floors suitable for the gallery of paintings, or works of art.

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The large lobby design is suitable for airports, large stadiums with elaborate and modern ceilings to flexibly catch the light with the open-close wings, illuminating the luxurious floor tiles. It is impossible not to mention that the garden rows are arranged reasonably next to provide a cool natural space for public places where crowded like this.

Architectural works

Lobby space is designed in an eye-catching way with an outstanding black plaster ceiling with recessed ceiling lights, and wooden ceiling pillars that bring elegance, elegance and intimacy. . This architectural work helps to capture more natural light.

Architectural works

This is a hall that is suitable and popular in the building structure of large companies and corporations. The color of the space is suitable for the environment office work. The interior is divided into floors with many similarly furnished rooms. Natural light is used with a large rectangular skylight section running along the length of the roof. Glass material is used a lot in the structure of this hall to help expand the space.

Natural light is used scientifically in this great hall. Walls and a large portion of the ceiling use large clear or translucent glass panels so that light can enter the hall. The cylindrical part of the glass wall is made with a simple and unique X-shape forming creative meshes. Large pillars are used to support the entire structure of the hall. This architecture works at first glance simple but extremely solid.

This hall will be suitable for airports, major terminals. The interior of the lobby is open with two glass walls on both sides to expand the space, as well as take advantage of natural light.

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This hall template is suitable for companies, large research areas. Glass material is used a lot to make the space open. The glass ceiling is designed with panels that take advantage of natural light and can be adjusted accordingly. This hall is built on a fairly large area, with a simple and modern design.

The beautiful lobby space architecture is inspired by the Italian domes, the lobby model, the classic gallery for high-rise buildings.

This hall space will be very suitable for gatherings, meetings, and gala dinners. The stylized design of the surrounding wall in combination with transparent glass is the highlight. The recessed ceiling light system is used to reflect light on the parquet floor to create a harmony for the space.

A unique feature in this hall is that the ceiling is designed to curl like the waves off the sea, alternating with circles to bring the light in to look very artistic and creative, this architecture is suitable for stadiums or stations.


The lobby space is suitable for the church. The ceiling is designed in a glass dome in harmony with the decorative lines on the doors. Large windows and glass materials are used a lot to increase the efficiency of natural light for the space. Gentle harmonious colors are suitable for uses related to belief and religion. Ancient architectural works consistent with religious beliefs.

Natural and artificial elements in the light are combined creatively in this gallery interior. Natural light is used with maximum efficiency thanks to a part of the ceiling and wall near the place where the picture is hung, which is decorated with decorative glass to bring light to the paintings. Not only that, the spotlights, which are cleverly installed in the remaining positions of the ceiling, also bring shimmering lights to where visitors can enjoy the paintings.

The hall is designed in the form of a classical dome, with the ceiling is alternated with skylights and a large window on both sides of the wall arranged in a ladder that extends the entire space, making light. put in a way that maximizes great lobby interiors. Unique architecture.

This hall space will probably be very suitable for exhibitions displaying large models of cars or equipment. The simple structure with small pillars divides the space into different areas and widens the hall. The system of evenly arranged ceiling lights reflecting on the shiny ceramic tile floor will create a highlight for the products on display.

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