In interior design, usually people will tend to choose fairly basic colors or a monochromatic color gamut. However, there are many families who choose strange color combinations for their homes. Let's take a look at some fancy and unique color schemes in interior design with MOIVAONHTOI.

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1. Combination of yellow and gray

strange color combination yellow and gray

If you want your home to be elegant but still bright and mischievous, yellow and gray are a great choice. The gray color will highlight elegant lines, while the yellow color will show cheerfulness and vibrancy.

2. Combination of red and bold gray

red and gray combination

In a home, red will be quite difficult to combine because of its vibrant hue. However, if you know how to combine colors harmoniously, red will help the house be very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. To soften the red, you can combine bold gray to make the room have more depth and more visual stimulation.

3. Combination of yellow and blue

strange color combination blue and yellow

The contrasting color scheme of yellow and blue makes the space extremely eye-catching. If you are a fun person, love the lively and naughty energy, then immediately refer to this combination. This is a complementary color pair that is used quite a lot in fancy color matching projects.

4. Combination of pink and gray

pink and gray combination

Pink is used a lot in interior design. However, if you do not know how to combine, pink will be quite cheesy and match. The room is a combination of pink and gray will enhance the luxurious and new space.

5. Combination of orange and white

orange and white color combination

One of the safe orange color schemes is to balance its brilliance with white. The white color makes the space look spacious, airy and bright. By combining white with warm tones, contrast is increased and visually impressive.

Above are fancy color combinations of color pairs that thought they could not be placed next to each other. Contact MOIVAONHATOI now for detailed advice on how to combine these attractive color pairs.

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