The arch shape in interior design always brings elegance and sophistication to the house. So how do we incorporate the vintage-inspired arch trend into our homes? Let's explore the apartment with MOIVAONHATOI below.

Domed furniture in the living room

Dome-shaped interior

Upon entering the seating area teher encountered arches everywhere. From the bookcase behind the sofa, recliner or pendant light. The arch shape goes well with other rounded objects to make the space soft and elegant.

Dome-shaped living room furniture

Two circular coffee tables center the living room beneath a gracefully symmetrical chandelier. Rustic rattan screens separate the altar area from the surrounding area to create privacy.

arched living room

Furniture from workspaces, cabinets, lamps or decorative pieces all have a unique arched appearance. Cream white is used as the main color, so the overall apartment is very elegant and elegant.


The arch behind the sofa in the living room is a compact home desk.

Kitchen and dining area

Dome-shaped dining table furniture

Modern dining table chair model with luxurious velvet upholstered chair. An antique-style pendant light combined with a lemon-yellow flowerpot creates a focal point for the space.

arched kitchen area

The spacious and airy kitchen area is a great space for those who love to cook. Wooden cabinets combined with marble top create a clean and cozy kitchen. In this area, domed furniture is not applied, but it also does not make the overall rhythm out of rhythm.

a kitchen

The combination of elegant white and modern appliances keeps the kitchen clean and tidy.

Domed furniture in the master bedroom

arched bedroom furniture

In the master bedroom, arched furniture has been replaced with a race track. A cleverly woven cabinet with wooden floors and furniture creates a rustic atmosphere for the space.

arched bedroom

The room used wheat color combined with white is very simple and close. In addition, the round rattan rug is an important highlight of the room.

main bedroom

A small working area is located in the corner of the room so that the owner can conveniently work. Two more small arched cabinets are used to soften the interior of the room.

Extra bedroom inelegance

extra bedroom

Occupying the center position of the extra bedroom is a unique and soft rattan bed.

extra bedroom

At the end of the bed is a romantic reading area by the window. The decorations are arranged in harmony, linked together.

extra bedroom

A unique dressing table next to the bed to mirror the nightstand. The highlight of this area is the round mirror and rattan chair with the bed.

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Trên đây là mẫu thiết kế căn hộ hai phòng ngủ with elegant arched interior theme. Hope this article will help you design your own house.

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