Referring to European architecture, how can we not mention Baroque architecture (Baroc). An outstanding style in which the visual arts of painting, sculpture and architecture are brought together. A style that has the fastest spread in the world and is used to this day. Let's find out what is the Baroque style with MOIVOAONHATOI?

What is the Baroque architectural style?

baroque architectural style

Starting from Italy in the early 17th century, when the Renaissance had begun to recede. Architectural style Baroque quickly spread and received the love of many aristocrats. Take advantage of the foundations of Renaissance architecture in a new, more theatrical way.

baroque architecture

Baroque has a direct impact on the viewer's visuals and appeals to emotions. This style effectively emphasizes the illusion, giving the space more depth. Architectural identity is oval shapes, typical winding details.

Features of Baroque architecture

Use strong, contrasting light

baroque contrast

The characteristic of Baroque architecture is "exaggerated light, intense emotion". Influenced by the Catholic faith and tied to the religious war, it presents strong light and contrasts.

Use ovals for buildings

baroque furniture

The oval shape is the dominant shape of Baroque architecture and requires meticulousness and high sophistication. Inspired by the domes of the church, the lines are portrayed with power. However, this feature cannot be found in apartments because the ceiling is often low and difficult to apply.

Embossed patterns and rich colors

baroque architecture

Embossed patterns can be easily found in any corner of the Baroque style. In the past, embossed walls and colorful ceiling paintings were used to flaunt luxury and power. Today, it has been trimmed to suit tastes and save costs.

Some other features

baroque style

In addition to the above features, Baroque architecture also has some other interesting features such as: large columns, pear-shaped vaulted ceilings, large windows, arched windows, etc. These elements depend on creativity. belong to architect and the needs of the homeowner.

In the past, Baroque architecture was often applied in large buildings, but today it is very flexibly applied to housing design. Please contact MOIVAONHATOI if you are in need of advice, design and construction of houses.

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