Right from the beginning of the design and construction, the preparation, planning and installation of water and electricity networks is very necessary and must ensure the safety, efficiency and saving factors. for your own home.

With a team of experienced craftsmen as well as careful and professional selection, MOIVAONHATOI will help you answer your questions about electricity and water system services for your house with the article below. Join us to explore the things you need to note about Hanoi electricity and water installation with the article below.


The first requirement when designing an electrical system is absolute safety. Then we take into account other factors such as aesthetics, economy, simplicity and comfort. New or old, you should use new electrical appliances.

In addition, it is possible to arrange independent electric lines for some equipment such as: heater; air conditioning; outlet system; light system;…

Points to Note WHEN installing electricity

  • The vertical power supply lines should be placed along stairs or technical boxes, do not let wires pass through rooms, limit the power lines to intersect.
  • Wires through foundations, walls, floors ... must be placed in insulated pipes or PVC genomic pipes if placed in wall to avoid water stagnation.
  • The power outlet should be 1.5m above the floor level. If it is placed in the hole, it only needs to be 0.4m higher than the floor. The socket should be placed at least 0.5m away from metal parts.
  • The electric switch to control the lamp should be at least 1.5m above the floor; The switch should not be placed near places with water such as bathrooms; laundry place; ...
  • Weighing and installing protective equipment and control for each floor or the whole house; Electrical panels should be placed in a convenient, easy-to-use place
electric illustration

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Water supply system is an indispensable system in a project help move water to places where indoor appliances are installed based on planned use


  • The water pipes connecting to the water supply equipment must be the shortest, this must be of a good type, with a tight connection.
  • Vertical water pipes will usually hold a technical box close to the equipment that needs water. With horizontal pipes will be installed in the wall
  • Installing water supply pipes must be convenient for repair and maintenance
  • Do not put pipes in rooms; Each pipe or branch should not share more than 5 appliances
reasonable water system installation

Things to note when installing electricity and water in Hanoi

Overall overview and consideration of usage needs

This is considered as a prerequisite to be able to install and design electricity and water for every house. Understanding the needs of the family will help you to install and design properly and properly. You need to prioritize essential items, then take into account other not so important equipment.

In addition, please plan to plan all systems when installing. Because, any device after using will also have problems. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate to ensure that the electrical and water equipment is fully installed, convenient to use and can be easily repaired and maintained when needed.

Technical drawings should be prepared

The design drawing of electricity and water plays a very important role because you will easily calculate the equipment, position to best suit the structure of the house; bring comfort to use; ensure aesthetics and harmony with the interior.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare and calculate a reasonable placement with your house.

Choose the right equipment

As we all know, water and electricity equipment is closely related to technical issues. It clearly defines the capacity, the load capacity, the rating, the way of installation and the right conditions. However, many people are quite subjective about this issue. Therefore, you need to choose the right equipment to ensure safety and convenience while using. At the same time, you need to ensure the aesthetics of the house.

electricity and water network system after completion

What is the construction cost of moivaonhatoi?

Below is the quotation construction Our electricity and water to meet the criteria of cheap, safe and convenient. If you have any questions, please contact hotline 0908.66.88.10 - 09.0202.5707  to get free consultation from MOIVAONHATOI and 24/7 service.

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