Stairs play a very important role in the design of a house. Stairs are not only a passage connecting one floor to another, but are also closely related to the elements Feng Shui. So how to build stairs that are both beautiful and functional? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI.

Do not build stairs in the middle of the house

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Currently, many houses are designed with stairs right in the middle of the house. In terms of layout, the stairs are occupying a central position, causing space disruption. This not only makes the decoration difficult, but also makes the house The house is tight more cramped. In terms of feng shui, this type of design brings negative effects on health and work.

Design the space under the stairs

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The space under the stairs is based on the area of each house that is utilized. Often people will design it as a warehouse or a toilet. Because houses in Vietnam are often built in the form of tube houses, they will have a modest area. If it is imperative to make use of the stairs, it should only be designed as a warehouse. Because the bottom of the stairs will be quite low, the renovation of the toilet will be very inconvenient while in use.

The total number of steps must match the height of the house

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When it comes to building stairs, the number of steps is also very important. People usually have two ways of hearing: Calculate according to the number of steps to the floor of each floor and calculate the total number of steps (not counting the floor steps). Regardless of the calculation method, the total number of steps must be sufficient and suitable for the height of the house. You should base on the actual situation and travel habits that the steps are properly designed.

Build closed or open stairs?

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In terms of aesthetics, the design of open stairs is often very beautiful and easy to construct. If your home has elderly people and children, you should seal the stairs to ensure safety. And vice versa, if the members are all adults and like new things, they should choose open stairs. Currently, there are many designs of open stairs that are beautiful and suitable for many spaces, so if you miss them, it will be a pity.

Stairs must be well-lit

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Stairs are usually built quite steeply to connect the main floors, so the space will be quite narrow and dark. So you need to arrange enough light so that movement is not hindered. You only need to install 1-2 common stair lights to provide light. If you invest more, you can consider the touch-sensitive stairwell lighting system, this system helps your home become more stylish.

Do not build stairs directly towards the main door

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According to the previous concept, if building stairs with the main door, it is a big taboo. The owner living in that house will be wasted and lost money, the members also do not like to stay at home. When the air source from the main door comes in and meets the stairs, it will concentrate at the foot of the stairs and then go up, not continue deep inside the house.

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The issue of feng shui is something that Vietnamese people in particular and Eastern people in general attach great importance to. However, in order to design and build a house, it is necessary to carefully consider the possibility of construction. The construction of stairs has a lot of things to keep in mind in terms of feng shui, but MOIVAONHATOI recommends prioritizing functional issues over feng shui factors. If you have a need to design and build a house, please contact us immediately for a consultation.

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