Trang trí bằng cây cảnh luôn mang đến cảm giác như được hòa mình với thiên nhiên và tràn đầy năng lượng. Chính vì vậy màu xanh lá sẽ là lựa chon rất tuyệt vời cho Bedroom của mình. Hãy để MOIVAONHATOI giới thiệu cho bạn những mẫu bedroom design Fresh below.

green bedroom design

Red and green are two complementary colors on the color wheel. So when combining these two colors will give a contrasting effect but very harmonious.

interior design by color

Green bedroom and furniture wooden furniture will evoke a very rustic charm. Details such as lemon yellow, black and white motifs to highlight this combination.

green bedroom design

The blue accessories work very well with the green backdrop. The wall is designed to expose the bricks to the outside, helping to add depth to the room design.

design rest space

A luxurious bedroom design according to Nordic style has become fresher thanks to the green color. The perfect duo is white and green that will remind you of sweet, crunchy apples. A few dark accents give the space more depth.

green bedroom design

In this design, the green color does not occupy the dominant position but as a highlight for the space. The bonsai, paintings bring a typical feeling of Tropical style. This bedroom is used a lot of wood and rattan materials, so the overall is very rustic and peaceful.

neon sign design

Two modern wall sconces and neon sign stand out against the dark green bedroom background. Underneath the floor is a white fur rug with colorful accents.

green bedroom design

If you do not want your space to be too bright, you can consider the quiet colors of green. This color gamut will help you relax completely with just enough brightness. The burgundy and fawn colors make the space more mysterious and seductive.

bonsai decoration

If you don't want too much green in your bedroom. Then you can use photo pots to decorate this space.

green bedroom design

Or you can combine the two to increase the coolness.

Material: velvet

There is no denying that gray and green when combined together will make the space very luxurious. Along with a few metallic gold and black details, the room is much more upgraded.

decorative accessories

Welcome to my house I suggest you some green furniture and accessories to adorn your bedroom.

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