Design townhouse furniture Modernity has become an essential need of homeowners. But among the myriad of designs today, how to make your house beautiful, comfortable and cost-effective?

Để giải quyết vấn đề này, hãy tham khảo ngay sự tư vấn của đội ngũ KTS của MOIVAONHATOI trong interior design nhà phố 2 tầng của anh Nam ở Bắc Giang nhé!

exterior design of Bac Giang townhouse

exterior design of Bac Giang townhouses

The youthful and modern style of the 2-storey house with detailed designs, using luxurious gray-white paint colors emphasizes the modern and airy features of the house.

exterior design of Bac Giang townhouses

Using high-grade industrial stone with gray patterned pattern is both the highlight and modernity, new for the facade. The simple, healthy shapes are harmoniously arranged in the very impressive facade.

exterior design of Bac Giang townhouses

Because it is a 2-storey house model with a modern garage with only one facade, the architects of MOIVAONHATOI have designed a large and large glass door system to help the interior space can receive more wind and light. The harmonious combination between paint colors and modern glass gives the 2-storey building with a modern garage a certain impression and vividness.

exterior design of Bac Giang townhouses

Designing garage with smart door system brings convenience, modernity and sophistication at the same time.

interior design of Bac Giang townhouses

interior design of the living room of Bac Giang townhouse

Interior design of the living room of Bac Giang townhouse

The design of the living room with 2 glass sides helps the space here always be loose and airy with the most natural light and air sources. The 2-layer curtain system helps to regulate the light source suitable for living. The meticulous selection of simple but functional furniture helps to bring the most modern look to the room.

Designing the living room of Bac Giang townhouse

Living room with the main white color tone, along with the selection of light color furniture to help the space become more airy and harmonious. Choosing a beige and gold I-tone sofa cushion that brings a warm, rustic feeling, simple angular design shows the delicate beauty of the whole house.

interior design of the living room of Bac Giang townhouse

The simple and unique design of the tea table is a modern highlight for the room to add luxury. Using high-class plaster ceiling with square concave design creates height to make the room more airy.

interior design of the living room of Bac Giang townhouse

The TV is placed on a high-grade gray industrial tile wall, and a multi-function cabinet system offers the most comfortable and relaxing living space for the family.

Interior design of the kitchen in Bac Giang street

design of the kitchen of Bac Giang street

Minimalist, modern but fully functional is the aim of our architects in designing kitchen interiors. Selection of wooden furniture, same background Wood Industry High-end is always the number 1 choice for modernity and sophistication. The kitchen system and versatile cabinets are designed with bass to maximize the area, in harmony with the space to help this place always open and comfortable.

design of the kitchen of Bac Giang street

Bar design để tạo sự ngăn cách không gian giữa kitchen và phòng ăn. Lựa chọn bàn ăn gỗ cao cấp sang trọng với thiết kế đơn giản cùng ghế bọc đệm tạo không gian ấm cúng, thoải mái cho gia đình mỗi khi quây quần hay là tiếp đón khách. Hơn nữa vách tường với họa tiết vân gỗ trắng là điểm nhấn cho không gian thêm ấn tượng.

Bac Giang street's kitchen

The large glass door connects the living room to the kitchen, creating both ventilation and convenience for living. The lighting system is always installed to provide the most light for the room.

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master bedroom interior design of Bac Giang townhouse

master bedroom furniture of Bac Giang townhouse

Bedroom là nơi nghỉ ngơi thư giãn nên được thiết kế sao cho tối giản nhưng vẫn đầy đủ tiện nghi, thoải mái nhất. Việc lựa chọn nội thất gam màu trung tính cùng nền gỗ công nghiệp cao cấp giúp không gian nơi đây thêm sự hiện đại, tinh tế.

Large beds placed near windows help provide a comfortable resting space with natural, fresh light. Soft feathered gray background carpet.

master bedroom of Bac Giang townhouse

Wooden cabinets with bass design are modern and fully functional, helping to make the bedroom more tidy. Moreover, placing a vanity table near the window creates comfort for the homeowner when living here. The highlight for the room is the unique and innovative V-shaped lamp design.

interior design bedroom of Bac Giang townhouse

bedroom house in Bac Giang street

The children's bedroom is designed to be airy with the selection of light and gentle colors that both create a youthful and minimalistic, modern look. High-quality wooden bed shelves and double mattress are both space-saving and suitable for the activities of 2 children. Placing a desk near the window helps children to unleash their learning and creativity. Design more convenient bookshelf shelves for children's learning.

bedroom house in Bac Giang street

Decorating more pictures with plant pots helps the space here more lively and fresh.

bedroom house in Bac Giang street

Multi-purpose designed bass wardrobe system makes the room neat and tidy, saving space and modern and comfortable.

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