• Project: Townhouse – An Duong
  • Style: Modern, luxurious, comfortable

Designing a house with different living spaces requires a lot of creativity and meticulousness to create a harmonious and attractive whole, giving homeowners the style of the era they want. Especially with the bedroom space, how to design so that the owner has the most comfortable and comfortable living space is very important.

Let's look at the design townhouse furniture with this luxurious bedroom space of MOIVAONHATOI right now!

overall design of the bedroom space

Overall design of 2 bedroom space

On the upper floor of the house is divided into three spaces: 2 bedrooms and a dressing room in the middle to ensure convenience and comfort for the owner. From the top, you can see the unique styles and features we design.

1 bedroom design AN DUONG STORE

1 bedroom design in An Duong townhouse

In this room, we used soft pastel blue dunfgjtoong, bringing the attraction here. The white wooden bed placed in the middle brings convenience and sophistication. It is indispensable for a compact bedside cabinet, combined with a drop light to create a more cozy and comfortable feeling for homeowners when relaxing here.

1 bedroom design in An Duong townhouse

Design a versatile cabinet with many drawers for homeowners to put their items on it, both to decorate the room more beautiful and convenient to use every time. The ceiling lamp design with impressive leaf branches brings a more luxurious and poetic look to this space. The design of the dressing table combined with the surrounding light bulb mirror creates a uniqueness in the interior, and also makes it easier for the owner to live.

1 bedroom design in An Duong townhouse

Because this room has large windows to let in outside light, we have designed more chairs here to help homeowners have more relaxing space to study, or read books, etc. Decorate photos around the room as well. make the space more attractive and beautiful.

2 bedroom design AN DUONG STORE

2 bedroom design in An Duong townhouse

In this room for children, we use lovely pink tones, combined with white furniture to make the overall look more poetic than ever. Designing a small wooden study table in a place with lots of light helps children's learning become more focused and intense. Ceiling lights with speaker branches in gentle tones bring a sense of sophistication and add a touch of luxury.

2 bedroom design in An Duong townhouse

The layout of multi-function shelves, both drawers and drawers, creates convenience when using and decorating. The zebra carpet design, lovely decorations around such as art paintings, teddy bears, etc. also make your room more loving.

dressing room design AN DUONG STORE

design an yang townhouse dressing room

This is a small room with a design of many drawers to store shoes and bags, creating a certain comfort and bringing subtle neatness. U-shaped smart cabinet furniture surrounding the room is always suitable for spaces that have a small area and need many functions. Model of white acrylic wardrobe creates purity and elegance for space.

design an yang townhouse dressing room

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