How to save space in a small house is always a difficult problem for many people. With tight space, it is very necessary to pocket ideas to optimize the function of all appliances in the house. If you are owning a modest space, let's read through the article below with MOIVOAONHATOI for more effective space saving tips.

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1. Combine storage space with furniture

Save space with furniture

The first tip to save space in a small apartment is to combine storage space with furniture. The space between the furniture will be the ideal place for you to store those smaller items. However, please arrange the furniture neatly and do not stuff too much to avoid causing clutter to the space.

2. Use multi-purpose furniture

Use multi-purpose items to save space

Using multifunctional furniture is a smart trick to save space. Because these gadgets are so versatile and packed with functions, just one is enough. Combining the bed and wardrobe will save you a large part of that space.

3. Use a folding table

Tips to save space with a folding table

Currently, folding tables are chosen by many people for their modest rooms. With the ability to fold and be flexible, when folded, homeowners will have more living space.

4. Use vertical space

Small space saver

If the size of your apartment barely allows you to fit a sofa, vertical space will help you with this. The design is like a floor with a bed above and a chair below. So you already have a reception space in the room. This is a clever design trick to save space for that small apartment.

5. Take advantage of the space under the stairs

Take advantage of savings with under the stairs

If your home has a staircase, it's great, use it smartly to increase the living area. This often-forgotten part of the space will hold a lot of that stuff.

Above are some extremely smart space-saving tips compiled by MOIVAONHATOI. Hope the article will be useful for you in designing your home.

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