The eclectic style is one that emphasizes individualism. Because this is a self-aggregation and blend of many different styles. You are free to create your own space and never be afraid of being "touched". However, does this style have any aesthetic principles? Let's find out these unique style design tips with MOIVAONHATOI.

1. Choose a uniform color

eclectic interior style

Eclectic style is a combination and repetition of many different details. To avoid space being cluttered and disjointed, you need to link them with a color throughout. You can get creative with monochromatic shades of one color for rich colors without distractions. You can repeat these eyebrows on carpets, chairs, pillows or lights to create both accents and high aesthetics.

2. Provide a focal point for eclectic style

electric interior design

 With a unique blend, the point of view will be quite scattered and difficult to focus on one point. So you need to add a creative accent to your room to increase depth. A wall of artwork or a brightly colored sofa will help draw all those eyes.

3. Unique combinations of patterns and textures

eclectic interior style

Different materials can affect the way a space looks and feels. Repeating several different patterns and textures can also achieve perfect visual balance. The eclectic style is not tied to any mold in terms of interior materials. Therefore, you can optionally add materials according to your personal preferences.

4. “Eclectic” various styles

electric interior design

Because the special feature of the eclectic style is the harmony of many different styles. Select the advantages of many styles and skillfully combine to create a wonderful space.

5. Balance the layout of space

eclectic interior style

Negative space will help the eyes feel comfortable and have a feeling of complete relaxation. Subdivide your interior with neutral colors to make the space more open. To keep the room from feeling overwhelming and cluttered, consider creating some space.

The eclectic style is very suitable for homeowners who like creative, free mixing. This is a space for you to freely express your own personality in your own home. If you have a need for interior design and construction, please contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately.

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