Ideas for bar model Modern home is a trend chosen by many families to decorate the kitchen space, and at the same time make use of it to make a partition between the kitchen and the living room to bring high aesthetics. With a simple design, a modern bar is the perfect combination to create a cozy space, relaxing moments for the family.

MOIVAONHATOI brings you some beautiful home bar designs that will suit any area of the house.

Wooden bar

Your home bar doesn't have to be based solely on industrial decor restaurant to stand out. Sometimes, subtle shades and cleverly chosen pieces are enough to make a room stand out.

Bar with island combination

The bar combined with the island of the multi-purpose kitchen is the perfect and convenient choice, both a place to cook for the whole family and a place to prepare drinks with a high chair, creating a mini bar design. in a modern house.

industrial bar

A miniature replica of an industrial bar at the bar, pub is also a great idea for you. It will be interesting to experience sitting and sipping drinks without being crowded and subject to excessive noise.

Basement bar

If your house has a basement, why not design a bar there, this is a great soundproof space for live music. Or decorate your bar with sparkling lights.

Combined billiard table

Combining the bar and some games such as billiards, foosball or darts to have fun with friends, weekend entertainment is extremely attractive.

Folding Bar

A small collapsible bar is the space-optimizing solution for homes with limited space. A special feature is the small bar, separate from the wall, so it is easy to move to the desired location.

Outdoor bar

The locations have beautiful, airy views, guests and owners can both chat, eat and watch the landscape around the house. Everyone wants to immerse themselves in the airy natural atmosphere after a long tiring day. The bar open to the garden will be the ideal design for your home.

When choosing a home bar design, you should look for designs that are suitable for your architecture or interior, choosing materials and colors that are in harmony with your overall home. Above MOIVAONHATOI has suggested you some beautiful and unique home bar models, hope that the article will be helpful for you.

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