The minimalism style is an interior design style that focuses on minimalism, neatness and elegance. However, in the minimalism, the architect still can integrate the highlights to avoid causing monotony, boring. Let's take a look below at that attractive two-storey minimalism house.

Design drawing of a 2-storey house with minimalism style

Located in Dallas, Texas, this minimalism 2-story house includes: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, ironing room and a garage.

Bright, comfortable space with white tone that is characteristic of minimalism

The indoor space is always bright and comfortable thanks to the elegant and elegant white paint on the walls and ceilings. Besides, large glass windows with black aluminum frames covered by thin white curtains also welcome abundant light into the house.

The living room interior of a 2-storey house has minimalism style

The living room interior of this 2-story house stands out in the simple but convenient minimalism style. The sofa, the 2 salon chairs and the small tea table are all in luxurious white tones. Combined with that is a charming gray ceramic tile floor and a very clean flat carpet. This space is also cozy thanks to a small fireplace made of black painted steel placed on the diagonal wall of the living room. TV shelves and decorations are also very simple, including only 1 floor with many drawers and made of modern industrial wood.

Industrial wooden cabinets from the living room are extended to the kitchen to create a connected architecture

The cabinet is made of industrial wood that extends to the kitchen and dining room. Long rectangular dining table made of stainless steel is painted with black powder coating, harmoniously combined with 4 chairs with padding made of bamboo and rattan.

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All-in-one fake single kitchen furniture, fully equipped in the minimalism style

The kitchen includes kitchen cabinets and a mini-bar. U-shaped kitchen cabinets including upper shelf, lower shelf, and 1 cupboard are made of industrial wood. The cabinet is covered with white stone very clean and luxurious. The bar is simply designed with straight, but modern, rough lines. The bar is completely covered with light gray stone, elegant and seductive. Accompanied by three seats without recliner, with round cushions, and frames made of stainless steel painted black. This is a place where you can comfortably enjoy your favorite drinks and chat with friends.

The stairs leading to the second floor also have a minimalism of minimalism

The stairway has steps that are covered with industrial wood. The handrail is attached to a solid, solid white wall and ceiling.

Unique ceiling style adds an accent to help the minimalism style from being monotonous

As mentioned above, the minimalism style will not be afraid of being monotonic if architects know how to install interesting highlights. And with this house is a unique type of ceiling. In addition to the normal straight-line ceilings, the architects also combine the spillway style with the curves that are subtly curved into an arch. These plaster ceilings are arranged with lots of buffalo eye lights on the ceiling to light up the entire house. Every time you look at the ceiling, you will definitely feel an artistic inspiration.

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The second floor of the 2-storey house is also decorated in the minimalism style

The bedroom of this apartment also has a minimalism style thanks to the white tone of the ceiling, and clean industrial wood floors. Along with that are large windows and porch doors made of aluminum frame that always welcome abundant natural light into the room.

A peaceful wooden stand, and relax in your two-story home

The interior here is typical for a minimal style with items such as: beds, wardrobes, ... are small and made of industrial wood. The most impressive place in the room is probably the reading place. The couch, next to the small wooden bookshelves placed right under the large glass window, makes you feel comfortable, peaceful, and energetic every time you read.

the bathroom is also very sophisticated and modern in the minimalism style

Coming to the bathroom, half of the white tone is fully utilized to create an airy, bright space. Combined with the clean and charming black ceramic tile floor.

The lavabo cabinet is made of wood with luxurious stone countertops

The lavabo cabinet has a drawer made of wood, while the surface is made of very luxurious, light-emitting stone. This cabinet contains 2 negative designed small lavabos, with an elongated mirror with a wooden dividing frame. This space looks like a luxury hotel.

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Fully equipped bathroom with bath tub and Japanese-style bathroom with wooden floors

The bathroom is paved with white ceramic tiles with a beautiful, creative little hexagonal shape. The area is a combination of a bath tub made of porcelain, and a Japanese-style bath with characteristic thin wood floors.

The bath area is separated by tempered glass

The shower area is separated from the outside by a solid tempered glass.

Once again, we are impressed with the ceiling style of this 2-storey house.

Once again we are impressed with the type of ceiling in this 2-story house. Bathroom lavabo space is beveled to create height in space. Thanks to that, it adds an emphasis to the minimalism style, which is considered quite simple. The wall next to the lavabo cabinet has a sliding door to access the room containing the necessary toiletries.

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