Decorative wall tiles are very popular because it can replace rudimentary, boring walls. And it also brings modern, clean, luxurious beauty to your apartment. Take a look at a flat roofed house covered with decorative wall tiles below.

Design drawings on the first floor of the apartment are decorated with wall tiles

Located in Malvern, Victoria, Australia, this 380 square meter house has a simple, modern design to optimize natural light in the house. It consists of 2 floors. Ground floor has: living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms.

Design drawing of the 2nd floor of the apartment is decorated with wall tiles

Up to the 2nd floor, we will find an additional bedroom with a private bathroom.

The interior walls of the house are all covered with decorative bricks

The interior walls of the house are covered with decorative wall tiles, with elegant and delicate white tones. In harmony with the wall style that is a luxurious and modern gray glossy glass floor.

Tempered glass welcomes reflected light into decorative wall tiles

The living room is always bright and airy thanks to the large tempered glass wall that always receives natural light into the house. The rays of light encountering the decorative outer wall tiles are refracted inward through the glass, making the space brighter. The shelves for the other room decorations are covered with light gray granite, and mounted on the wall to create a comfortable, modern space.

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Modern and luxurious living room interior

The living room interior is harmonious and rustic with a gray fabric sofa, clean pepper mat, and a stainless steel framed seat with leather and fabric cushions.

Kitchen and dining room furniture is made of warm, rustic wood material

Walking up the steps from the living room will lead to the kitchen and dining room. The interior here is made entirely of wood. The warm beauty of wood blends well with the pristine white of decorative wall tiles. The high-sized ceiling dining set, combined with the island table, with the cabinet made of gray marble is a great storage space.

From the dining room one can see the small corridor leading to the direction of the stairs

The rectangular dining table set is made of flat wood panels. You and your family can sit together, enjoy tea and chat on these 6 comfortable wooden dining room chairs.

Between the kitchen cabinets and the living room wall covered with decorative tiles is a small corridor leading to the stairway to the second floor.

The glass panels are surrounded by vertical wooden axes that disperse the incoming light

The entrance to the second floor has one side paved by industrial wood, while the other side has a half paved with familiar decorative wall tiles. The other half is a steel-framed glass wall whose outer shell is vertical wooden axes. Thus, light is passed through these wooden slots and shines down the stairs.

Wooden stairs

The narrow stairs are also made of very solid wood.

The harmony between wooden furniture and decorative wall tiles in the bedroom

Up to the 2nd floor, we still see the harmonious combination between tiles and wooden furniture such as high-ceiling wooden cabinets, industrial wooden floors, wooden beds, ...

Decorative tiles are used for the bedside wall panels

Decorative tiles are also used for the bedside wall panels. Thanks to it, it is possible to reflect the light from the wooden slit windows.

The bathroom is tiled with gray granite tiles

Bathroom is placed behind wooden doors. The standing shower area is always clean, and water resistant thanks to the high quality gray granite tiles.

The lavabo space and the mirror are covered by decorative tiles

The lavabo place is also designed with wall tiles and wooden floors. Granite shelf with negative lavabo with 2 faucets. Large mirrors are mounted on the wall so you can comfortably see yourself.

The large hall is covered with decorative wall tiles

The spacious lobby is covered with decorative wall tiles. There, the owner, has an unrestrained bench with plush brown leather cushions, and the chair frame is made of sturdy stainless steel. This chair is located right at the spot where the sun shines on.

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Sturdy tiles are completely paved on the outer wall of the building

Tiles are completely tiled on the outer wall of the building. This proves that it not only has a decorative function, but it can also protect your home.

The upper wall is made of wood and creates accents

The upper wall is made of wood with eye-catching grooves that are the highlight to help the overall house look more lively and eye-catching.

Walls are covered with decorative bricks surrounding the house to block the sun

The architect also cleverly combined walls covered by decorative tiles surrounding the house to block the dazzling sun rays. Thanks to that, the rays of sunlight slanting into the house are enough to shine. bright but not too harsh.

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