The kitchen is the place where the family's love is kept. A place where we make delicious food for our loved ones. Kitchen design is essential. Therefore, MOIVAONHATOI introduces to you the kitchen models that make the highlight of the house.

elliptical kitchen as a highlight

The kitchen represents the heart of the house and is a space for members to interact with each other more. Unique elliptical shape, soft curving curves create accents, making the house more impressive.

Mezzanine kitchen counter

The bar is also a kitchen island with a curved design, made of shiny monolithic copper, forming the highlight of the apartment.

The back kitchen thought

At a glance, it will be difficult to detect where the kitchen is located. However, the special white wall in the middle of the house is the lovely kitchen area of the house. Indeed, the kitchen creates a very high curiosity and makes the highlight of the house.

Blue kitchen as an accent

To create a special highlight, color is indispensable. House with apartment blue kitchen The bold yang really stands out in the white space.

Green kitchen

The green kitchen cabinets also create the feeling of an old, nostalgic house. In addition, the surrounding furniture is mainly wood and crafts in neutral colors, so the kitchen area really stands out and serves as a focal point for the house.

Above are 5 homes that design the kitchen as the center of the house. MOIVAONHATOI hopes that through the article you will find the right design for your home.

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