In a typical 1-bedroom apartment, it's easy to think of the cute little space that single people often use. But this is a flat that breaks that legend. What if a 1-bedroom apartment has a large balcony? It is fun to imagine or with learn through offline.

The balcony of the 1-bedroom apartment has a simple white tea table

This is the balcony of a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, it is spacious enough to have some chairs and tables around with wooden fences. It would be great to sip a cup of coffee one afternoon here, which must be a dream for everyone.

Living room with basic furniture and beautiful white sofa - 1 bedroom apartment

The common area is equipped with basic furniture with good light thanks to the panoramic panoramic door that is spread over the entire wall to ensure the airflow for the apartment.

Another view of the living room with large windows and white curtains and beautiful decorative paintings

The entire ceiling is plastered against moisture to bring high aesthetic beauty and also ensure a beautiful durability in the long run. Can see a lot of decor décor in the apartment, typically small green pots that help decorate and create more green space for the apartment.

The bed area has large white cushions and beautiful wall paintings - 1-bedroom apartment

Because this is a 1-bedroom apartment, the bed is designed with an open space neatly placed in a corner with a white textured blanket to bring minimalist to the room.

The kitchen area has a stove and a cooker hood

Kitchen areas often leave grease stains, so the whole wall is covered with a layer of white ceramic tiles that are easy to clean and clean. Homeowners have been very clever when placing the fridge on a wall to optimize the area of the apartment.

Kitchen appliances such as wooden cabinets, refrigerators, beautiful stainless steel washbasin - one-bedroom apartments

From this perspective, you can see that the kitchen is installed with a lot of industrial wooden cabinets, so that the cooking utensils are stored in the cabinet so the space looks very neat and tidy.

Smart wooden dining table

At the table, you can see the owner has a smart dining table set when crowded, people can lift two wooden boards on both sides to increase the surface of the table as well as increase the capacity for a very smart and comfortable dining table.

Toilets with luxurious bathtub, beautiful glass cabinets

Bathrooms use white wall tiles, along with black ceramic floor tiles, which are non-slip. Although it is a small apartment, the bathroom is equipped with a spacious bath with shower and tubs Sanitary equipment Very complete and comfortable.

Main corridor area of the apartment

The lobby of the main entrance to the one-bedroom apartment is very spacious and airy, there are a few eye-catching decorative paintings on the wall and a light set is installed on the ceiling to ensure the light for fun. fresh and fresh when entering the apartment.

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