The houses in the classic or modern style are already quite boring. You want to change your house in a more fancy and unique style. You can refer to the Coastal style, a sea-inspired style that drives young people crazy. Let's find out the characteristics of this style with MOIVAONHATOI.

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What is Coastal Style?

coastal style

Coastal style (coastal style) is inspired by the liberality of the sea or more precisely the houses on the Atlantic coast. Coastal Style stands out with the colors of the sea such as: turquoise, white, beige, giving us a friendly, liberal and pure feeling. Even if your house is not next to the sea, it is possible to bring the sea home.

Coastal style living room

Coastal style is not necessarily surfboards, starfish, it is the beauty of personal style - gentle, seductive in the chaos of current life.

Characteristics of the Coastal style

Casual coastal style

coastal living room

This style is not too demanding on furniture. Relaxation, comfort is what Coastal is all about. Windows are arranged everywhere, doors and glass roof windows allow sunlight to flood the space.

Add a touch of luxury

coastal luxury

Just because the Coastal style is about simplicity doesn't mean it's not chic. Just the blue paneling and a few accents, the house has been changed a lot.

Shades of sand and sea

coastal style kitchen

The blue water color pairs perfectly with the natural oak finish of this cozy dining space. Organic materials such as grass, straw and jute bring a natural warmth and texture to coastal interiors. This is definitely the perfect combination to create true Coastal style.

Special decorations

coastal style bedroom

A few details such as ropes, oars, surfboards, swimming buoys, etc. will be unique decorations, creating a highlight for the space. Or you can use pictures, crafts from seashells, and printed pillows to bring the "breath" of the sea into the room.

Coastal style is one of the styles that is loved by young people because of its brightness. If you still have doubts, try to design your house in this style with MOIVAONHATOI.

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