Luxury style in interior design and construction is very popular. Thanks to its lavish, gorgeous and luxurious appearance. So why is this style so popular? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI.

What is Luxury Style?

luxury living room

Luxury design style is the pinnacle combination of classic style and contemporary art. From the outside, this style shows up with luxury, elegance and power. Not only flashy on the outside, but the value inside is also very high.

In the development of life, the demand for living is also increasing. The use of this style in the space creates luxury and class. And the style is applicable in housing, office, villas to apartments.

The special feature of the most luxurious style

1. Personalization

luxury style kitchen

The top priority feature that Luxury style is aiming for is personalization. Every detail and furniture shows the individuality of the owner. The furniture used is mostly limited edition or custom design, so it's hard to find overlaps between the two houses.

2. Color

Luxury style luggage

Color is definitely the first aesthetic criterion of the house. Luxury style requires an absolute uniform color combination. The furniture and colors are calculated very carefully.

3. Material used

luxury material

As a luxury style, the furniture used is entirely of the highest quality materials. Materials such as gilded metal, marble, natural wood, etc., the items are meticulously crafted with high aesthetics.

4. Sophistication

luxury kitchen

Luxury style focuses on every detail, small lines so the design must be very sophisticated. The furniture is combined together to create splendor and high sophistication.

Luxury style is gradually becoming popular in Vietnam, if you have a need to design your house in this style, do not hesitate to contact MOIVAONHAOI.

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