SHABBY CHIC STYLE – CREATE AN old nostalgic space

Shabby chic is an interior design style that takes on an old look. Creates a very comfortable feeling in the nostalgic space. Adding soft colors with classic decor creates an elegant look. Let's explore with MOIVAONHATOI the unique features of this style bearing the mark of old memories.

What is Shabby chic?

What is Shabby Chic style?

A popular style in the 80's - 90's. Shabby chic space brings a romantic, poetic yet elegant blend of classic to the house. The interior decoration is also bold with the times. Shabby means frayed, old combined with chic indicating luxury and elegance.

Shabby chic style bedroom

Shabby chic style is inspired by classic styles such as Farmhouse, Rustic, and vintage. This style creates a friendly, cozy feeling immediately. This is the perfect choice for those who are always looking for familiarity and keeping old memories.

Rules for choosing the interior of the Shabby chic style

Shabby chic living room

Old, rustic, used or imitation vintage furniture are very popular. In this style, wooden furniture with peeling paint is an important highlight. In the living room, there will certainly be a large fabric sofa as the focal point of view. This is also how they create familiarity for the home.

The colors of the past

living room

Shabby chic is a classic design style with a vintage twist in the English countryside. Therefore, pastel colors are used as the main color. These colors when combined with specific furniture create a more old and nostalgic feeling.

Vintage and country style decorations

living room

Characteristic in the selection of decorations of the Shabby chic style is the use of old items. Fabrics, pictures, bottles, vases, and other furniture all have a sense of time. These decorations will help the overall house more elegant and harmonious.

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