Interior design style has a subtle, gentle contemporary sound. This style is coming back to bring newness and change constantly. This is definitely an interesting design for those unique spaces. Let's find out the features of this room with MOIVAONHATOI.

What is contemporary design style?

contemporary living room

Commemorary is an interior design style influenced by the concept of "less is more". This is a style that comes from the needs and preferences of people to serve modern life. Contemporary design focuses on space and uses lines, shapes and colors. The update of trends, new trends quickly help the house to never be boring.

Features of contemporary design style

Using lines and shapes

living room design

The lines and shapes help the contemporary design style become strong and decisive. Bring a clean, neat, modern feeling to the house. The lines are found in the design details, using color blocks. The geometric shapes in the art are sculpted on the wall.

Use neutral colors

contemporary design style

Colors like neutrals, black or white are the dominant colors in contemporary design. Black is often used to border and highlight furniture. At the same time, it helps to emphasize on the neutral wall background. You can still freely create your own colors to make your home stand out.

Use a variety of materials

contemporary design style

In contemporary design style, many different materials are used. Especially the wood material makes the house feel very warm and friendly. In addition, metal materials are also used a lot to enhance individual shapes. If you want to create a cozy feeling, you can combine more fabrics.

Using the art of lighting

contemporary design style

To make your wall stand out, use LED strips to illuminate the wall. The use of light shining on works of art is also very interesting. These will help attract the eyes of anyone entering the house.

Space design contemporary style

living room design

Contemporary style towards an open, airy and connected space. Designing interconnected rooms will help you "cheat" a lot of that area. Take advantage of natural light to make the house more airy and bright.

Style contemporary furniture can fit anyone, create comfort, not rigid. If you want to improve the space in this style, please contact MOIVAONHATOI for advice.

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