Rated as the most livable urban area in Hanoi, the diversity of subdivisions and utility landscape system. Subdivisions of Vinhomes Ocean Park divided into low-rise villas and apartments. In this article, MOIVAONHATOI will explore with you the planning map of low-rise areas in this "Bien Ho city".

Vinhomes Ocean Park low-rise area

Low-rise area of Vinhomes Ocean Park There are a total of 2390 villas divided into 3 main segments: Villas, townhouses and commercial townhouses - shophouse. The low-rise area is divided into 4 isolated sub-areas: Pearl, Coral, Sao Bien and Hai Au. Dressed in diverse design styles, each sub-zone is a style that shows its own imprint.

Vinhomes Ocean Park low-rise area

The Hai Au and Coral sub-area are reminiscent of exquisite Indochinese architecture. The blend of Western European style sloping roof tiles with Asian motifs helps the overall look luxurious and close. Meanwhile, the Pearl and Sea Star subdivision brings us to the Mediterranean with its elegant white color, low eaves and classic arched windows.

Pearl Sub-area

Pearl sub-area

Located in a central position and partly floating in the middle of the lake, Pearl sub-area is like a pearl surrounded by the sea. The low-rise area in Pearl sub-area, Vinhomes Ocean Park is planned as:

183 detached villas (141 – 378 m2)

311 duplex villas (141 – 153 m2)

115 adjacent units (60 – 102 m2)

116 shophouses (60 – 101 m2)

Hai Au sub-area

Hai Au sub-area, instead of being arranged into square blocks, is designed to spread along the coast.

106 detached villas (279 – 417 m2)

247 duplex villas (143 -150 m2)

159 adjacent units (90 – 140 m2)

About 800 commercial and service shops

Sea Star Sub-area

With a length of about 40m, Sao Bien sub-area is very suitable for designing shophouse blocks. And indeed, this low-rise subdivision of Vinhomes Ocean Park has the most shophouses with 350 units. Specifically, the division is as follows:

Sao Bien sub-area

59 detached villas (168 – 328 m2)

257 duplex villas (122 – 150 m2)

122 adjacent units (88 – 114 m2)

350 shophouses (67.5 – 125 m2)

About 500 commercial and service shops

Coral sub-area

With a location adjacent to the lake and covered with many trees, Coral sub-area is an ideal area for relaxation.

44 detached villas (204 – 295 m2)

196 duplex villas (103 -150 m2)

89 shophouses (60 – 113.5 m2)

About 100 commercial and service shops

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Above is the specific information about the low-rise subdivision planning of Vinhomes Ocean Park. MOIVAONHATOI hope that this article will be useful to you.

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