Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park often hand over the rough countertops so that the investor can actively design according to their use needs. Therefore, in each apartment MOIVAONHATOI will have to break a lot. Therefore, we have to devise a process to destroy the shophouse quickly, but safely and with quality. Follow us to the shophouse project Ngoc Trai 8 below.

Current status of the project when receiving handover

the process of chiseling out the pearl shophouse background
construction status

This is a picture of my invitation to my house to receive the handover of the shophouse project to carry out the demolition process. The floor is sealed with concrete with only two small holes to get light and pass through the floors. Because the stairs have not been made, there is only a small wooden ladder to hang up to survey the upper floor.

Step 1: Carrying out netting and shielding for the project

tarpaulin to protect the construction

MV pays great attention to the safety of the works, so the work of protecting and shielding the works is strictly implemented. The outside of the building is covered with two layers: tarpaulin and mesh. These two layers of shielding will help prevent dust and materials from falling out during the demolition process from affecting people when passing underneath the shophouse.

The grid is stretched square, straight and very flat to create a beautiful image for the building as well as the general landscape of the area Vinhomes Ocean Park.

Step 2: Mark the locations

place marker
the process of chiseling out the pearl shophouse background

Before starting the shophouse demolition process, MV workers will draw and mark the positions. This step requires thoroughness to avoid unnecessary mistakes while working. Workers use a ruler and chalk to draw straight, precise bits to chisel for standards.

place marker
place marker

The positions are annotated with words and measurements very clearly for the chisel to understand.

Step 3: Punch

the process of chiseling out the pearl shophouse background

Image of MV workers using specialized chisels to break down the concrete floor.

the process of chiseling out the pearl shophouse background
the process of chiseling out the pearl shophouse background

Welcome to my house I did this floor perforation in about 4 days including dumping the waste. The reason we can set such a fast construction time is due to the application of staggered demolition between floors. The staggered demolition will help workers to break many floors at the same time while ensuring safety and progress.

Waste will be neatly bagged and dumped from the site continuously. Therefore, the project is always clean and avoids clutter and disorder.

Above is the process of breaking the foundation for the shophouse in the Pearl sub-area Vinhomes Ocean Park by MV workers. We hope this article will be of help to you. If you have a need to design and build a shophouse, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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