WHAT IS PAINTING? Why do we need to paint the house?

Before painting the surface of walls, floors, and ceilings of housing constructions, you need to perform many different steps: cleaning the wall surface, priming, waterproofing paint, …. But there are still many questions why must putty paint ? There is a need to use putty paint or not ?

MOIVAONHATOI has synthesized and answered your questions in the article below, please read through to have a description for yourself!

What is a putty?

Son Ba is the process of roller application with a magma bait, applied to paint on the wall surface to achieve a high smoothness and gloss. This work requires home painters to be highly skilled, how to do it carefully and meticulously every detail to achieve the best effect.

Why should we use baffle paint for the wall?


There are many reasons you need to paint your home, because this is an important step deciding the aesthetic factor as well as the durability of the ceiling and wall. Putty paint not only creates shine, perfect smoothness, but also helps prevent mold from wall and ceiling, affecting the home's health.

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Using will bring many aesthetic values to the space while protecting the items in the house from environmental impacts.


The problems of seepage in the rainy season cannot be limited, easily chipping, scratching the wall if there is a slight impact from daily activities.

However, this disadvantage will be overcome when you waterproof the wall.

Note when using baiting

  • Must use clean water to mix the plastering powder in accordance with the manufacturer's ratio, when mixed it is used because more than 60 minutes after mixing, the mixture will be frozen.
  • Absolutely do not mix any additives in the mixture. After construction, store the excess powder in a cool and dry place.
  • So the baits should be very thin, dilute the powder a bit more than usual and beat the sandpaper carefully so that the layer is thin to avoid causing the paint to peel off, not stick to the wall surface.
  • After grinding the surface stone, you should ask the mechanic to use the machine to blow off the dust, before applying the paint to roll water on the wall.
paint and paint process

Where should I find to buy baffle?

To meet the needs as well as ensure the best quality of paints, MOIVAONHATOI has selected and specializes in providing quality paint products, genuine from the manufacturer. So, you can completely rest assured when choosing our products.

In addition to Baot coating products, we also provide all home-related products: tiling, flooring, ... With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, along with a team of staff, skilled technicians. MOIVAONHATOI can create satisfaction with each product

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What is the cost of MOIVAONHATOI?

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