NATURAL jute rugs are suitable for all indoor areas

Carpets always help the house to increase the coziness and create its own style. Currently, on the market there are many types of carpets made of different materials. And natural jute carpet is a type of carpet that is loved by many people. Carpets come in a variety of colors, designs and patterns, so they never make a space boring. Here MOIVAONHATI introduces you to the most popular collection of jute rugs in 2021.

Natural jute carpet pattern for living room

living room carpet

Tribal tassel jute rugs for homes Bohemian style. With a bold black zigzag pattern that stands out on the sandy brown jute carpet. The carpet is quite thick and the texture is durable, so it is very suitable for large areas such as the living room.

living room interior decoration

The combination of jute and natural cotton fibers creates a rough texture for the living room rug. The carpet has a rough surface, so it is very clingy to the floor and when you step on it, it feels very solid. The color is a mix of black and blue yarn so it's easy to match the furniture.

natural jute rug design

A traditional carpet design but with a solid black color. This special rug will be the perfect base to compliment any piece of furniture.

natural jute rug design

Beautifully hand-braided with a small diamond pattern. Jute yarn is treated to form two colors of beige white and sand yellow that are staggered together.  

Pattern of jute carpet for the dining room - kitchen

natural jute rug design

Dining room carpet pattern with sophisticated textures on a black background. This is an interesting highlight for the space in a simple style. This rug is completely machine washable so it is extremely convenient.

natural jute rug design

If you are looking for a two-tone chevron pattern then this is the perfect design for you. The soft braid pattern mimics the look of natural jute. This is really the best choice for your dining room.

kitchen interior decoration

Simple melaleuca stripes complement the thick jute rug. The kitchen seems to be increased in warmth thanks to the 80×200 rug below. In addition, the carpet also protects the floor, avoiding water from the sink.

Natural jute carpet pattern for relaxation area

natural jute rug design

This luxurious rug is handcrafted from abrash-dyed wool and jute. Mossy style in the same tone as the classic reading chair. The harmony in color brings high aesthetic effect to this area.

reading room decoration

Farm design style always brings peace and lightness. So a relaxing space by the window becomes more friendly than ever with natural jute carpet. This rug is woven in a circular shape and there are also small circles inside. Original colors that catch the sun create warmth and highlights.

natural jute rug design

This is the most colorful rug in today's collection. The rug is woven from a variety of dyed jute yarns for an extremely creative design. Not only that, the motifs are also very diverse with different oval and round shapes.

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Above are some samples of natural jute carpets synthesized by MOIVAONHATOI. Hope the article will help you in home interior decoration.

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