MV Construction Company has experience in designing and completing many Shophouse, Villa in all projects Vinhomes like Vinhomes Ocean Park, Smart City, Garnenia v ... v ...

Choose MV, you will get many benefits:
1- Fast application (less than 60 days)
2- Competitive price (the best price in the whole Vinhomes area)
3- And High Quality (construction supervisor is 100% time on the project)
Thanks to a firm grasp of Vinhomes' construction techniques, understanding the area, drawing data, applying for construction permits, and a team of abundant and high-tech human resources.

Below are pictures of shophouse completion construction at Vinhomes projects that MV has done:

Frontage shophouse vinhomes ocean park
Company construction shophouse Vinhomes ocean park smart city

Carefully equipped and trained each worker, also showed the perfectionism and meticulousness in the completion of MV products.

Stretch net to shield Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

Stretching covers the square, straight, flat project, creating a beautiful image for the project as well as the landscape of Vinhomes. Careful from small things, will remind workers to be careful for the project.

Panoramic view of Shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

View of the Pearl Trai Shophouse, in urban area Vinhomes Ocean Park viewed from above

Transfer of materials and construction materials Vinhomes Ocean Park smart city

Transfer of materials to the site - construction of shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

Begin construction of Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

7am is the start of the worker work. The same uniform unites team spirit, solidarity together to successfully complete works.

Construction and construction of Shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

To achieve high progress, the company always allocates a large number of employees, and arranges jobs interlaced, not waiting: masonry, electricity, water, plaster, paint ...

Stairway plastering Shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

Construction of plastering the bottom of stairs

Construction of stairs for townhouses shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park
Construction of shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park
Construction team of Shophouse Villas in Vinhomes Smart City
Shophouse construction company Vinhomes Smart City

Construction of composite formwork and pouring stairs Shophouse Vinhomes Smart City

Construction unit of Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park Smart City

Technique, discipline, high sense of responsibility, good completion of works with quality, progress, labor safety, are the criteria of MV Construction Company.

If you have a need to design and construct Shophouse, Villa in Vinhomes projects, please contact:
MV Construction Company
Address: 30/18 Ta Quang Buu, Bach Khoa ward, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Phone: 0908.66.88.10 - 09.0202.5707

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