MV Construction Company has experience in designing and completing many Shophouses, Villas in projects Vinhomes like Vinhomes Ocean Park, Smart City, Garnenia, etc.

Choose MV, you will get many benefits:
1- Fast application (less than 60 days)
2- Competitive price (best price in Vinhomes Ocean Park area)
3- And High Quality (construction supervisor is 100% time on the project)
Thanks to mastering the construction techniques of Vinhomes Ocean Park, knowing the location, drawing data, applying for construction permits, and a team of abundant and highly technical human resources.

Here are the pictures of the completed construction of the shophouse at Vinhomes Ocean Park that the MV has done:


Address: Pearl Row 6 – Vinhomes Ocean Park

Acreage: 70m2 x 4.5 floors

Cost of construction: 93,000,000 VND (see details at the end of the article)

Construction time: 50 days




Frontage shophouse vinhomes ocean park
Company construction shophouse Vinhomes ocean park smart city

Carefully equipped and trained each worker, also showed the perfectionism and meticulousness in the completion of MV products.

Stretch net to shield Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

The mesh shielding the building is square, straight and flat, creating a beautiful image for the project as well as the landscape of Vinhomes Ocean Park. Careful from small things, will remind workers to be careful for the work.

Panoramic view of Shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

View of the Pearl Trai Shophouse, in urban area Vinhomes Ocean Park viewed from above

Transfer of materials and construction materials Vinhomes Ocean Park smart city

Transfer of materials to the site - construction of shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

Begin construction of Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

7 am is the time when workers start working. Together with the same uniform, unite the spirit of teamwork and solidarity to complete the works well.

Construction and construction of Shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

To achieve high progress, the company always allocates a large number of employees, and arranges jobs interlaced, not waiting: masonry, electricity, water, plaster, paint ...

Stairway plastering Shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

Construction of plastering the bottom of stairs

Construction of stairs for townhouses shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park
Construction of shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park
Construction team of Shophouse Villas in Vinhomes Smart City
Shophouse construction company Vinhomes Smart City

Construction of joining formwork for stairs Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park

Construction unit of Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park Smart City

Technique, discipline, high sense of responsibility, good completion of works with quality, progress, labor safety, are the criteria of MV Construction Company.

If you have a need to design and construct Shophouse, Villa in Vinhomes projects, please contact:
MV Construction Company
Address: 15 Tran Dai Nghia, Bach Khoa ward, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Phone: 0908.66.88.10 - 09.0202.5707


Don't rush to switch pages! This is the important part! Please see some construction details at the shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park to see the construction process, care and details of MV company.

Demolishing the concrete floor of Vinhomes Ocean Park

The villas and shophouses at Vinhomes Ocean Park are sealed with concrete, so the first stage of construction is to punch the concrete floor according to the design to place stairs and elevators (if any).

Demolishing the concrete floor of Vinhomes Ocean Park

This concrete floor perforated part is constructed in a quick time (about 4 days, including waste disposal). The demolition time is so fast, because MV staggered the floors (eg 1-3 and 2-4) to destroy many floors at the same time while still ensuring safety. Waste will be neatly bagged and removed from the construction site.

Pour stairs shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

After breaking the floor, it is necessary to immediately construct the stairs, this is also the secret to speeding up the progress of the project. Speed up the project for 2 reasons:
– Concrete floors take a long time to dry, so concrete parts must be made in advance to be able to remove the formwork early and still have enough days.
– Creating paths, helping workers to travel conveniently, will execute works faster.

Pour stairs shophoues Vinhomes Ocean Park

The formwork is used with film-coated Plywood board (replacing the wooden formwork board and then spreading the canvas), which also increases the speed of closing the formwork, increasing the construction speed. MV usually takes no more than 3 days to complete 1 floor of stairs, a very fast speed.

Staircase knitting

The ladder structure is penetrated deeply, clinging to the surrounding walls, creating a fulcrum, making the ladder more solid, linked with the old structure of the shophouse.

Additional structure of floor beams added to Ocean Park

Construction time is fast but still must ensure quality and sharpness. Although the steel structure is hidden inside the concrete, it still has to be squarely woven, carefully checked by the supervisors, and sent to the owner before the concrete is poured.

Transplanting steel beam glue ramset

Additional steel beams, will be connected to the old beams of the house by the method of drilling and transplanting steel using Ramset glue. Here, each beam, MV will use 5 D20 steel bars, this is also a very solid structure compared to the common ground of Ocean Park (the surrounding apartments usually only make 4 D18 steel bars).

Welding steel connecting beams Vinhomes Ocean Park

Transplanted steel bars, and beam steel bars are connected by a combination weld to tie steel wire, which is very strong, and much stronger than the method of simply tying wire rope.

Tiled stairs

The stairs are built with square bricks. Please note, whether the level of concrete pouring of the stairs is high or not is shown in 1 point, that is, is the height from the concrete slab to the stairs even, and whether it is thin. Thin means standard concrete calculation, no need to use a lot of bricks to compensate for elevation.
Please see the photo below to see the "thin" of the shophouse built by MV

The stairs are very thin and beautiful
The stairs after construction are very "thin", beautiful, showing the correct calculation when pouring concrete
Building stairs is beautiful

Building stairs is very beautiful and beautiful, the outermost bricks are built of solid bricks, preventing cracking when installing stair handrails later. The bricks inside are made of hollow bricks to create lightness for the stairs

Sticking wire mesh to prevent cracking of the wall

The image above is the stage of preparing the wall wire mesh, helping the plaster layer of the new and old walls to be bonded together more tightly, avoiding cracking.

Sticking wire mesh to prevent cracking of the wall

Công nhân đang đóng lưới liên kết lớp vữa trát tường mới và cũ

Sticking wire mesh to prevent cracking of the wall

New and old walls have been linked together by iron beards, connecting bricks, but the process of gluing the mesh connecting the outer plaster layer is also an additional step, in order to strengthen the connection. old new wall

Going to electric water pipes with technical axis Vinhomes ocean park

The electrical and plumbing shafts of the house are technical boxes.

Going to electric water pipes with technical axis Vinhomes ocean park

These technical axes show high skill or not in neat pipe work, neat corner bending, saving materials.

MV Construction Company
Address: 15 Tran Dai Nghia, Bach Khoa ward, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Phone: 0908.66.88.10 - 09.0202.5707

Tiled using a leveler

The photo above is the stage of laying floor tiles on the 1st floor of the Vinhomes Ocean Park townhouse using a "balanced keel". This glue helps the copper tiles to be almost perfectly flat with each other, the floor will be much more beautiful than conventional "hands-on" tiles.

Tiled using a leveler

Cladding with new technology also helps workers to be "more leisurely", and construction is faster, less dependent on skills because there is technical support.

WC tiles using a balancer

The installation process of the balancer (balancer) is smooth.

WC tiles using a balancer

One day, a handyman can finish a wall for 1 bathroom.

Painted wall sanding machine

The image above looks like clearing landmines? But no, MV workers are sanding, the wall has been smoothed by machine. This is another technology secret that helps speed up construction many times.
With this machine, with its extension rod, the worker will not need to build a ladder or a spear, saving time. And the workers are also much more relaxed when just putting the machine up, the wall is flat


1CONSTRUCTION Auxiliaries (Fences, tarpaulins, ELECTRICAL WATER ...)20 million
8CAMERA, NETWORK, Firefighting20 million
TOTAL COST 93,000,000 VND 


Thank you for visiting the project. Our MV company still has many "technologies", "secrets" to make the project FAST and QUALITY, but due to the length of the article it cannot be extended, so see you in the next projects. If there is a chance, the MV looks forward to one day working with you to create beautiful and satisfactory houses! Thank you.
Please contact:
MV Construction Company
Address: 15 Tran Dai Nghia, Bach Khoa ward, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Phone: 0908.66.88.10 - 09.0202.5707

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