• Project: P409 Kim Ma collective apartment building
  • Style: Minimalist, light

If architecture makes the outside beauty, then design apartment interior make the interior beauty of your home. Therefore, choosing the right style for your home is extremely important. With this small apartment complex, it is necessary to choose carefully to show the lightness and convenience of the interior.

Let's visit this apartment design project of the team of architects MOIVAONHATOI!

common room design

Nội thất phòng khách của interior design small apartment 40m2 cannot be as complete and comfortable as other apartments, but it also needs to ensure the necessary furniture. The highlight of the living room is always the sofa set, MOIVAONHATOI has designed a gray sofa set with a compact tea table to bring neatness and orderliness to the small living room. The sofa set is only enough for 3 people to sit, we arrange a few small elegant blue pillows, so it is even more prominent and attractive to the eye.

To make the apartment more beautiful, MOIVAONHATOI re-tiling the floor with light gray wood tiles, the walls are painted white and stylized brown tones on the back to create a uniqueness for the small room. The design of the ceiling light system, along with potted plants around the house, will make the small apartment more lively and bright. On the wall, we also hang some artwork and souvenir photo racks so that homeowners can easily keep their memories on it and highlight this space.

kitchen design

Thiết kế tủ bếp treo tường và tủ bếp dưới ốp sát vào góc trong của nhà, tránh lối đi cho nhà tắm và đảm bảo kitchen không hướng cửa chính theo Feng Shui, neat without being entangled. The cabinets are spaciously designed to store utensils in the kitchen. The kitchen surface is paved with elegant white marble tiles, making the kitchen still very bright and airy.

The two spaces are compact but still very harmonious with each other, can take place comfortably but fully equipped for the owner.

bedroom design

main bedroom

Bedroom chính có diện tích nhỏ nhưng vẫn được chúng tôi thiết kế 1 giường ngủ cho 2 người, wardrobe on the sides and desk. The interior space in the room is selected and arranged reasonably, the wardrobe design on the side of the bed creates convenience for living and maximum space saving. The highlight for this room is the soft rug placed at the end of the bed, making the room more colorful and uniform.

Minimalist furniture design, not too secretive but extremely cozy in this small area. Design more souvenir photo stands so that homeowners can easily store their memories on it, and at the same time make this space more attractive.

extra bedroom

Gentle, delicate tones of white as the main color help this space become brighter. With a room with such a large window, the arrangement of the desk here is reasonable to receive direct light from the outside. A special feature is the versatile smart wall cabinet design that creates convenience for the owner of the room, partly making the space more unique and airy. Adding carpet under the feet also creates color accents for the bedroom.

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